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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everything Comes To An End

The last of my bountiful garden was picked today. 

There may be a zucchini here and there, but everything else is picked and done.

It's been a good run. I have two entire shelves in the freezer packed with fresh frozen produce, as well as the memory of an entire summer of tasty vegetables on my table. I won't dwell upon the wasted years where I blithely shunned vegetable gardening. I'll let it pass as a time of un-enlightenment in my life.

And so, a day past the autumnal equinox I will put my garden to bed. The sense that fall is truly upon is is a physical expression. We northern people know it, we feel in our bones, no matter what the air temperature may be; we know it's here. Soon the combines will be crawling through the corn like giant prehistoric beasts, leaving a stripped earth behind. And an altered landscape outside my windows.

So we tip our cap to the past summer and open our arms in a joyful greeting to the next season. Now if only I could shake this cold........


  1. My cold is finally loosening up. Still hacking - but it's a productive hack. I hope you are better soon. By the way, I will NEVER look at gnocchi the same way. In my head it will FOREVER be monkey. Thank Mr. Sandra for me, for providing that tidbit in my brain.
    Isn't it a nice feeling, having all that produce? I don't enjoy gardening - I look at it as a necessary evil (monetary for us). But I do like all of the great food it provides and I like that I know where it was grown! :)

  2. I have been more sick than I would expect from a cold. So being my usual paranoid self I looked up swine flu symptoms. And of course I have all but one of them! But the symptoms also mirror a bad cold. I'm glad to hear you at least are getting better.

    I crack up every time I think about monkey! I'm glad you do too.

    I do like to garden, but I only used my liking for it with flowers. Hits self with palm to forehead!

  3. When I lived in New England, I would get so sad putting my gardens to bed for the winter. I loved winter, but I loved my gardens more...

    Your veggies look luscious! You must be feeling better, if you are canning and freezing... I hope so!

  4. Oh, I don't can! I just freeze. The green tomatoes are put in a brown paper bag to ripen. Whatever doesn't ripen is turned into fried green tomatoes. I am marginally better. I think I probably have a mild case of pig flu. Go figure.

    I miss the flowers. We have a long period of time between fall and snow, when it is dark, brown and plain ugly. I miss color during that time.

  5. I sure wish you felt better. I am laughing at your description of the combines as prehistoric beats...which is exactly what they look like. It may be warm outside, but I'm beginning to nest...another sign of the long winter to come.
    Your garden really produced well for you...I can still remember your post when it was planted and the trepidation & excitement to have it spring forth with veggies. You must have a green thumb AND a full freezer!

  6. Now to see if the bees materialize next summer. No, I haven't forgotten...

  7. Your romas are gorgeous...how many plants produced all of those fruits? I only planted 2 plants, should have done more! Congrats and prayers for healing!

  8. That's a lot of loot!

    I can taste the sweet ripened tomatoes from here, yum my mouth is watering.

    get better soon.

  9. Alicia, I am a bit better today. I have hopes of being well by the weekend. Combines do look like something out of sci-fi! Yes, I was excited about my garden. The good horse manure worked its magic, I got an abundance from a small garden.

    Ganeida, I am going to take a class on beekeeping. Then I need to weigh the expense. The initial cost is high, so I will need to give it thought. Money is tighter than it once was.

    Debra, I had four tomato plants. One produced marginally, but the other three went crazy!

    The tomatoes have been very good Liss!


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