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Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching Some Currents

Whilst Howard was doing this.....

and Zing this.......

they were doing this.

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  1. Circling buzzards are always a little creepy. We have lots of them here in Brazil in our city the word for them is Urubu (oo-roo-boo) I love this name for a vulture and even Marina knows it : )

    Still pondering on how to bring up the topic of Alladdin at our next lesson. We had to cancel this lesson because Sienna had extra practice for her Tae kwon do belt changing test. One more week to think about it...sigh...

    Enjoying all your posts so much! And yes the kids are grwoing up sooo quickly! Marina turned three Sept 5! I still tell everyone that she is two and then have to think about and say , no, no I mean 3!

  2. We have turkey buzzards and they are huge and weird looking. These are juvenile bald eagle that were circling above us as Kristina was riding Zing. I was quite a spectacle. They were in the sun, so the photos came out as silhouettes.

    I commend you for caring about the horse. You will do what is best. The girls have changed so much it's amazing to me.

  3. Wow! Amazing pictures!
    I seem to fail at getting pictures of birds, hawks and bald eagles. I am still working on it!

  4. Oooooops! No one should offend an eagle by calling it an Urubu! My apologies. On closer inspection, I did notice that they didn't have she ugly big heads of the buzzard : ) I see so many buzzards here cirlcing around even the skyscrapers that I jumped to conclusions.

    Yes we are really concerned about the horses and the whole situation. The trainer has recently moved to a new stable and farm and seems things to be going down hill. I think the stalls of the horses are not as nice as the previous place, and all of the horses seem a little bit under cared for. I will do my best to communicate my concerns but from what I know of our trainer, I imagine that he will be as dismissive as he was the first time unless I really push and push for an answer. Sienna is upset about Alladdin and I am afraid if things don't improve we may need to cut our relations with this guy...I would HATE to do that as Sienna is doing great and just got first place in her last prova jumping 40 cm. We have already tried the only other stable here and the horses were also not super well cared for and Sienna felt very uncomfortable with the instructor. I am really hoping we can resolve this issue. Thanks for your encouragement.

    I wish you were here, you could speak intelligently about horses to this guy and I could translate!!!!

  5. Paint Girl, It's hard to get those photos. The eagle fly high and they where straight overhead, right where the sun was at 12:30.

    Ashley, I think some of this is the culture. I really hope you can work it out. I'd hate to have Sienna quit.

  6. Coming in cross~wise: Ashley I second Sandra. Many other cultures are not as thoughtful of their animals as westerners often are. I too hope you can resolve this as you guys enjoy your riding so much.

    Sandra: I'm impressed you got these shots. I know how difficult it is to get good shots of birds on the wing & they do like to sit directly in the light! *sigh*

  7. I agree that it could be cultural. It is a little confusing because Aladdinn was quite lovely for some time and then seemed to decline. I have attributed it to the move to the new stable or an illness but I am not sure. The privately owned horses are plump and shiny and always well cared for but all the 'school' horses seemed be getting worse at this farm. I will definitely try and understand the situation from as many perspectives as possible. Thanks guys!

  8. Amazing the photos of the eagles! Zing looks as if he cared not one single bit and that in itself with all that flying overhead is awesome!

  9. Alicia, nothing much bothers Zing. Well maybe mares.


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