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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feed a Cold

Sick but not dead, so I still need to eat. And unfortunately......cook.

I'm sticking to easy, so this is smoked sausage, tomatoes, garlic, onion and sweet peppers sauteed in kalamata olive oil. Since I am suffering from a cold which has taken up residence in my head and ears I added a habanero pepper. Opened up the passages well, although briefly.

The garden is nearly finished with the tomatoes. I have several hot peppers still needing to ripen and the zucchini plants are still producing, but the days are short so I believe the little garden that out-did itself is just about done for the season. My venture into a full-fledged vegetable garden can be labeled a success. All the vegetables in this came from my garden, including the onion and garlic, although I don't believe they are classed as vegetables.

Enjoy the day good people.


  1. Gotta ask...if an onion isn't a vegetable - what is it?
    That looks divine. To be honest, I haven't been hungry lately - but I'd eat a heaping plate of that!
    My tomatoes and green peppers are the only things left in the garden. So I am making stuffed green peppers tonight. Then I will can the rest of the tomatoes (as spaghetti sauce) and pull up the garden. I am tired of it!

  2. Well I looked it up and onions are by definition a vegetable. Anything edible that stores energy that grows on or in the ground.

    I haven't had stuffed green peppers for so long, I'm thinking 30 years. hmmm?


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