Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Monday, September 21, 2009

From My Vantage Point

Seems I've had this view too much over the past year. My feet propped up on a stool while I am recovering from one thing or the other.

So it's apparent I'm still in whining mode, but I am a bad patient. Even when I'm also acting as the care-giver. Or maybe because I am the care-giver. 

A dreary day in the neighborhood of southern MN. The weather is offering up its sympathy for my unhappy mind and body. Thank you Mother Nature. As long as you are bringing on the dreary, could you add a little rain to it? I'm just asking.......

Some people, when given the opportunity for solitude and introspection, use it to ponder life. I use it to ponder my feet. 


  1. Where in Southern MN are you? I'm in northern MN!

    There are ways one can make use of that down time. R&R can allow you to catch up on your reading, or let you watch a new (or old) training tape or dvd.

    Hugs, and hope you're better soon!

  2. Hmmmm.... foot pondering, I will be interested to find out what deep and insightul thoughts spring from this activity : ) Hope you get better soon, soon, soon bding sick is just awful.


  3. I'm about 25 miles west of Mpls, a few miles west of Lake Minnetonka.

    I know I could make good use of my time, but I think I'll ponder my feet. One foot looks like my mother's and one foot looks like my father's. How's that for introspection!

    I looked at your site and see that you are involved with dressage. Small world!

    I'm going to add my pathetic help in the barn for awhile. Fresh air and all that. Oh wait, barn cleaning. Never mind.

  4. Ashley we were typing at the same time. As you can see, it's very interesting!

  5. Well, dreary does not seem to diminish droll! :)

  6. I can't thin of any time that would be better to ponder your feet.
    I hope you feel better, soon!

  7. Awww...whiny is good sometimes and everyone needs to ponder their feet. Better doing it while your sitting than when you're walking, right? Hope you feel better soon...you've had a few rough couple of months!

  8. We have had lots of rain this past week...and guess what it is raining again today. I will try to send it your way, since we are done with it you can have it.
    I am heading up the road to Kentucky downs to ponder the turf races and hope that no horses are injured in all this stinking rain (can you tell I am so over it?)

  9. I missed reading your blog yesterday. Sorry you are under the weather. I am having a "lazy day" and have no good excuse at all. Hopefully, your virus will be short-lived.

  10. Bonnie, I rather like droll. In my cartoon bubble over my head I see myself as droll person with a slightly sarcastic edge. Thank god for those cartoon bubbles!

    gsc, it better than pondering my misshapen hands!

    Alicia, I'v tried it while I am walking. I does not lead to a good result. : )

    Judy, pack that rain up and send it over.

    I don't think you need an excuse, you're the boss!

  11. I need to proof my typing before I send it.

  12. Feet are good. I was worried you might start pondering politics & that always seems to raise your blood pressure! lol

    You should spend some time out here. Our press makes a stinking fuss every time the prime minister uses a 4 letter word. Poor man. He's in politics. That's enough to make anyone swear like a trooper I'd reckon.

    We have rain & humidity. Naturally we are now on holidays. So much for all the outside work I planned!

    Feel better soon.

  13. I don't have the energy for raising my blood pressure. I think I would enjoy it very much in Oz. A political figure using four letter words out loud is reason enough to be interested! They sure use them liberally otherwise.

  14. Lol. I think Rudd just likes swearing at his cabinet. Reason enough in my book. Ah well. Boys & their toys....

    I think you would like it too. Can''t be worse than your neck of the woods & it doesn't snow. Mud, however, we have...

  15. I've never thought of pondering feet...I don't like to look at mine much...they've aged! Yours look quite young so ponder away and feel better fast!

    By the way, I read your comment at my SIL's blog. I don't like chemicals either. I really worry about my animals.

    Speaking of animals....TAngo (HORSE) got paint all over himself. The fence was supposed to be dry but it wasn't. Do you have any good paint removing ideas?

  16. Ganeida, the difference between being a Democratic (sort of) Republic and a Parliamentary Government. Yours swear openly and ours swear allegiance.

  17. Jan, if my feet look youthful, it's the only part of my body that does. I turned old this past year. Damn.

    Although I worry about the animals, I worry just as much about the people. Anyone who actually believes the chemicals we use to kill everything we don't like or that we think to be a nuisance aren't slowly killing us is living in a fool's paradise. A pretty lawn isn't worth cancer. In the last two years the farmers in my area have gone entirely to chemicals for these small acreage farms. The last to fall victim to the sale job. No more tilling the soil, just spray it. We are killing ourselves with our own ignorance, laziness and pride. This is my opinion.

    As for paint removal; elbow grease with a curry or use a clipper. It will come off. My dog Bill had a knack for getting into paint. It always came off.

  18. The view is so much better with the pedi!!!

  19. this is funny! (of course) it rained the most beautiful rain here today. It was melodic really. I napped - it was blissful.

  20. Queen, I wouldn't know. These feet have never had one. They're usually stuffed into work boots!

    Jules, we didn't get any rain. I'm so disappointed.

  21. You are the ONLY other person that I know that hasn't had a pedicure. I had a friend once that offered to treat me to one - no way. Nobody touches my feet. Too ticklish - and it drives me insane.

  22. Oh thank you Britwife. I really have wondered what's wrong with me, the way people go on about it. I find the whole thing rather creepy. I agree, leave my feet alone.


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