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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thinks, They're Back

I'm resurrecting my Thinks on Thursday. Since I have been out of touch with the world much of the summer, about all I have to write about is my sometimes pathetic thoughts.

I think I have H-1 N-1, aka swine flu. This has not been like any cold I have had. Fortunately it is a mild case and I am slowly, but steadily recovering. It has knocked me off my feet.

I wonder sometimes if there is a hole in my bank account. How can money disappear so quickly? Last week it was reported that once food and fuel is taken out of the equation, there is not any inflation. Which is true. The cost of food and fuel is not due to inflation, but to speculation in the oil market. Food being directly impacted by fuel costs, follows the increase in in oil prices. Very few people will fully recover from last year's prices. 

The $684,531,187,470.00 spent on Iraq and the $227,329,346,642.00 spent on Afghanistan surely would have put us on a solid track to alternative energy sources and eliminated our need to meddle in the middle east in order to "protect our interests."

I would like to go to the park again this fall to ride. If I am only going to ride once a year I may as well make a production of it. I have promised Spenser that I will be more considerate of him this time.

I not only think, but know that my brain is a bit dull, woozy and fuzzy would perhaps better describe it, so I am not up to any interesting thinks. Some may say, so what's different! Alas, that may be true.

Enjoy the day good people.


  1. I think I would like to join you on both counts, I may have the h1n1as well, I am pleading ignorance though and am sitting at my desk at work. Being a contract worker I have no sick pay and am replaceable as well as will need time to take off when / if the boys get this. Basically a tickle in my throat, a fever 101.4 in the evenings, tired, and sore, my fingers even hurt! One more day!

    I am up for a ride in the park this fall – haven’t ridden at all this year and if I don’t; start soon I know I will never hear the end of it!

  2. Interesting enough! Hope you are feeling better! It may well be the h1n1. I here it is all over here now. The schools are feeling it with only 2/3 attendance right now.
    Which "park" do you want to ride in?

  3. H1N1!! Well, on the bright side, you will have built up some immunity so when the monster mutant H1N1 virus strikes, you'll be all set.

    A ride in the park sounds good... I thought I was the only once a year rider, I knew.

    All that money spent on ....ummm...what is it we are blowing all that dough on over there? The world, our country needs so much...

    I have a hole in my bank account, too... among other place, my head for starters.

  4. Keep your nasty piggies to yourselves! :P I have been rescuing mice. I know. How sad is that? But I get to feeling sorry for the way Iss is batting them about. He's so BIG & they're so tiny.

  5. I hope you feel better soon, a ride in the park would be a perfect remedy.
    I may be brave enough to hop on a horse for the first time in my life on my vacation, they offer horseback riding on the beach.

  6. I really hope this passes quickly. We have had only one confirmed case of H1N1 at our school but it is pretty rampant in our neck of the woods as well. We have been pretty healthy but today Sienna is home with a slight fever and a sore throat. We might head out to the doctor tonight. Have a nice horse ride!


  7. Hillsidefarm, I will keep you informed. I don't know how you can work. I guess cause you have to.

    Lorac, I'm doing much better. Glad you are too! There is a county park about 5 minutes from my house that has a bridle path. Well, perhaps an exaggeration since walker/joggers and bikers use it too! But anyway, it's beautiful in the fall and I would like to get there before it's too late.

    gsc, one can always find the bright side. : ) I own 24 horses and I don't ride anymore. What's up with that? Which answers where does the money go? 24 horses who don't care that the economy tanked and I don't have an income anymore and that everything required to care for them continues to climb in price. They still eat & need care. : (
    As does the health insurance company or they wouldn't require so much money every month. I think my hole in the head wins!

    You are a Quaker! I understand, if I catch Margaret at it, I save the thing if I can. I know it will end up back inside and she will get it eventually, but not when I'm there watching. I will try to keep the piggies here.

    Judy, get on a horse, you will LOVE it. Then we can trade some jewelry for a nice horse (or two) for you!

    Ashley, Fever and sore throat were my first symptoms. It hits the kids harder then someone my age. Hope she is just a little under the weather.

  8. I do hope that you get better soon, so you are able to enjoy the fall weather (and a nice ride in the park!).
    I am glad that thinks are back. I missed them. I learn something new every Thursday!

  9. Sandra do you have any idea where you got it? (Anywhere near a school or children?)

    I'll go for a ride with you when you are better!

  10. Britwife, I am getting better. I sat on the lawn mower this afternoon. I'm a bit better, well enough to figure the lawn mower or a chair.... not much difference. Plus I got some vitamin D.

    J, I have been spending a lot of time in grocery stores buying up the sale items. Hands on cart handles....... germs from who knows where. I think maybe latex gloves would be in order. Come out sometime, I have horses. : )

  11. Now that doesn't sound like fun! Neither the hole in the bank account...don't we all have that one?..nor that swine flu! I can tell you that a good ride in the park, smelling the fall air and hearing the horse snort are pure medicine for anything that ails you. Go for ti..of course, when you feel better which I hope is soon!

  12. Ah Alicia, the uniting factor: the hole in the account! Too bad you are a state away, you could join us for a horsey stroll through the park.

  13. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    H1N1 spread so fast here that they don't even test for it anymore.


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