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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Minnesota Phenomenon

The Minnesota State Fair. You have to be from this region to understand it. It is a huge twelve day extravaganza of people and anything you can imagine to eat, and much that you can't, on a stick! I think it's the only place you can go where there is mom & pop from 'up north', a biker dude who looks as if he has been using heroin for a decade, colorfully tattooed and pierced individuals, soccer moms & dads pushing a stroller, kids on a leash as well as the multitude of Minnesotans just like me or my friend Jeni. All with one thing in common: greasy, fried food, lots of it on a stick. The powerful among us are as likely to be seen with a corn dog stuffed into their mouth as the least among us. This thing we call The Great Minnesota Get-Together usually attracts well over a million people during its twelve day run. It is a upper-midwest spectacle of gluttony and strange.

An elderly man & a dad with his daughter taking a spin on the dance floor to cajun music.

Senator Al Franken in the midst of his constituents. Politicians in Minnesota are expected to attend the fair and to answer to the people. I think this is a very good thing, it brings them to ground and makes them face the person on the street.


People and art deco buildings.

Tired of it all.

Senator Amy Klobuchar. I told Jeni that going to the fair with me meant waiting for our elected officials to show and answer questions. Jeni found she actually got into it!

There are enough people here to populate a small city. And it's a Tuesday afternoon!

Minnesota cooks. A presentation of sustainable agriculture with local chefs preparing food for the panel to eat. The mayor of Minneapolis and a local long time news anchor on on the panel.

One of the chefs.

You never know what you will see.

Taking a load off.

A man and his ape.

A view of the crowd with an art deco building.


As I said, you never know what you'll see.

A river of humanity.

A baby miniature horse.

And its mother.

Lamb and dam. The sheep were stressed. 

As we rested a bit, Jeni checked her messages and found out she finally got a job. After 10 long, hard months, she has been hired for a great job that will challenge her as well as simply employ her. It became a very good time at the fair after that little rest!


  1. Sounds just like the fair we had in Massachusetts called "The Eastern States Exposition" or commonly called the "Big E". It runs for 3 weeks now and includes exhibits from all of the new England states.

  2. Judy, you would have to see this thing to believe it. Jeni told me photos can't capture the size and she is right! Is the "Big E" an homage to artery-clogging food and hucksters? : ~ ) I think if the state fair ran for three weeks the coronary ward of the hospitals would be overflowed! That stuff sure is good though, for one day.

  3. Had a great time yesterday! Great photos Sandra, although a person would have to see it to believe it.

    I am exhausted today. I got up and rode this morning...after all our walking and my additional 4 hours at the fair and concert, I need a nap.

    I'm so glad we went together! We had our priorities in order ;).

  4. I have to say I had a very good time. We did have our priorities right! Hope you enjoyed the concert & my reaction when I thought you were getting me a ticket to it. :~0

  5. Now I must know what the concert was and if you all had the fried ice cream or what they call the "tubby burger"! Looks like fun!

  6. Randy Travis! Not quite Sandra's genre, but I grew up listening to him...

  7. I love fairs, but the crowds are so bad! I try to stick to our small local fairs, much easier to get around. But fairs always bring back good memories from when I used to show horses at them!
    Congrats to your friend who found a job!! I know what it's like, I've been unemployed for 3 months now. Still wondering if I will ever find a job!

  8. No fried ice cream, but I had a vanilla custard cone. I haven't heard of the tubby burger. Do I want to? : )

    Queen when we first arrived, I felt my self sucked into a sea of people, everywhere! Then you just start moving with it and it becomes better!

    Paint Girl, I feel sorry for the animals at the state fair. The saddlebreds were there the day we went. They have been bred to tolerate confinement but even they were showing signs of stress. Lots of turned backs and pinned ears.

  9. Thanks for the photos. We aren't going this year. We can only afford to go every couple of years or so. With the six of us, it's very easy to drop $300 just on food!
    I met Al Franken a couple of years ago at the fair - right after he announced that he was going to run for Senator. I was the ONLY one at his booth, and he spent a gob of time with me. Then he personally handed me all of his magnets and bumper stickers and everything that he had. He was so cool. Mr. Britwife had to drag me away, because I would've spent the whole day with Al if I could.

  10. I didn't get to talk to him, I was at the back of the crowd. I really couldn't hear him either, so I guess his numbers showing up have changed!


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