Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Friday, December 5, 2008


6 degrees above zero this morning. Feels like January. Thankfully, the wind has died down because the last couple of days have been brutal, combining low temps and very high winds. It's not so toasty inside, either, as I am keeping the house much cooler than normal due to the very high cost of propane.
Cold weather, bad economic news, more massive job loss, oy. Makes me want to hole up somewhere and come out when it's over. Wouldn't it be nice if that were possible. Clearly I'm not feeling my bright, sunshiney self because I normally don't want to crawl into a box and hide, but everyday it gets worse and it doesn't look as if there is an end to the slide into the chasm. We are helpless to do anything other than put one foot in front of another and carry on as best we can.
This didn't start out as a economic topic, but I have the TV on and I'm hearing in the background talk of the latest job loss numbers and it just crept into my fingers as I typed.
My original point, winter was slow coming but it has arrived with some punch. We are supposed to have snow tonight and into tomorrow. That would be nice, the cold, frozen tundra look is depressing and some snow would be a nice change. 
We are missing Bill, which is normal and right. Such a large personality will leave a hole and we have to spend some time missing him. Howard looks for him at dinner time because he always tried to steal his food. Howard is slightly confused when there isn't anything to steal and he scurries around looking for Bill. 


  1. Sandra, I could echo your comments about feeling like "holing up". However, I have less excuse, because I did not just have surgery and my dog did not just die. I remember when we lost CHANCE--he was such a part of everyday life. I sure wish dogs had longer life spans. Bill was a good one. It is right to mourn.

    This cold weather has me in a funk and I want to stay at my computer with the heater at my feet with my dog snoring inbetween them.

    But alas, I think I hear my wheelbarrow and fork calling.....:~)

    I continue my work in a fog, trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel when horses are worth a fair price. The glimmer may be there, but I am not seeing it.

    OK, I am trying to think of something cheerful to say. Ahhhh---my daughter and her husband are coming home for 2 whole days! It is a good thing.

    Forgive my rambling!

  2. Those wheelbarrow and forks will do that to you every time!
    We all have one reason or another to want to hole up, unfortunately. Chance was a really good dog, worthy of his people missing him. He was so patient with the 'Rat Dogs'. : )
    It's great that Jaime is coming home for a couple of days, I know she will have a large part of herself that won't want to leave.


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