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Monday, December 8, 2008

Of Mice And Cats

Margaret the Hun. She doesn't kill mice, she decapitates and eviscerates mice. Or, she used to. It seems Margaret has decided she has worked long enough and is now retired. Our home has become a comfortable haven for the little critters this winter, as it seems we are becoming over-run with them. 

This is Margaret's favorite spot, on the heat vent, and I don't think she has much incentive to leave it. 

The second photo is Margaret's attempt to show she really does move faster then a speeding bullet. Yah, right!

DeCon has new mouse traps that resemble a hockey puck, the mouse goes inside, so lazy cat can't get snapped by the trap. I will need to buy a couple of dozen, I think.

I can't say I miss seeing the intestinal remains of mice and scattered mouse heads throughout the house. She was a fearsome beast when she wanted to be. Now she has a heat vent to occupy.


  1. lol. We had a mice problem this year too. Dearest & cat went into competition. What is it with males? Even the cat couldn't bear being outdone by Dearest.

  2. My 'Dearest' tells Margaret that she's useless, but it doesn't bother her. When she isn't sleeping on the heat vent, she's sitting on his desk annoying him. I think she may know how to use a computer.

    If your cat got competitive that's a good thing. My cat couldn't be bothered. : )

  3. We have a rabbit that lays on the heat vent in our kitchen. (He likes the warm in winter and the cold when the air conditioner is on in summer). He doesn't catch mice either.

  4. If the rabbit starts catching mice, let me know. Margaret needs to know she CAN be replaced!

  5. Hey let me know if either of you find a mouse catching rabbit. That I gotta see.


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