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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Memories Like Gossamer

 I have been going through some things and 
I came upon some of my art books. These are by Andrew Wyeth, The Helga Pictures.
Wyeth spent 15 years drawing and painting his neighbor, Helga Testorf. My book has all 240 works, from the sketches to the completed work. I think they are beautiful. These are some of my favorites.

The memories this brought back to me .....the afternoon hours spent in the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Walker At Center, often with a little boy in tow. I remember my little boy and I going to the High Museum of Art for the China Exhibit in the early ' 80's and how awe-inspiring it was. He was such a good kid, I could take him anywhere and he behaved and actually enjoyed himself. He loved to eat in nice restaurants and we had a monthly event during the summer when he was out of school.
 We would go downtown and do some shopping, always stopping at Schinders News Stand so he could get some comics, and then we would go for lunch at The River Room. I guess it's no surprise he ended up a sous chef working in fine dining!

Somehow, looking at this book brought back the memories of these wonderful times with my son. He was my companion for the things I enjoyed. He was exposed to the gentle things in life, which I think was a good thing. Still, he is a crazy sports fan, so I guess I didn't ruin the 'guy' side of him!


  1. I like Wyeth too. I find it interesting that kids who like to eat invariably like to cook as well. All mine enjoy both. I on the other hand think eating is a waste of time & only do it because I must. I grew up being told I couldn't read at the table but reading is the only thing that makes eating bearable. I have lousy table manners. Excuse me while I mop up my book.

  2. My son grew up with food. I love to cook and the kitchen has always been the most used room in the house. He told me once that I ensured he was destined to work in a kitchen!

    I can't imagine eating only for sustenance. I sure would be much thinner, though. : )

  3. lol. I'm not a bad cook & taught all mine to ensure their survival but nah. I just can't cope with having to spend all that time on somehing that goes in one end & comes out the other & with nothing lasting to show for it.I spend more time than I like in my kitchen because not only do mine like to cook, they like company while they do it. :D

  4. "I just can't cope with having to spend all that time on somehing that goes in one end & comes out the other & with nothing lasting to show for it."

    I needed a good laugh and you gave it to me!

  5. what cool memories. and beautiful work. i agree exposing sons to the gentle side is beneficial.

  6. Males tend to be male, but an introduction to other things in life can temper the impulse.


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