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Friday, December 12, 2008


Ashley has been in the process of moving, and in her words, is on the dark side of the moon. Becoming hooked up to communication once again is a slower process in Brazil than we in the US are accustomed to. I hope the move went smoothly, that life returns to normal and we hear from her soon.


  1. Yes indeed. Hope she passes into the light of blogland soon. :)

  2. I second that and agree the topic deserves it's own post. lol :)

    always and inspiration over at the dumas'

  3. Yes it does. She is of the quality to deserve her own topic. How long does it take to get connected in Brazil?!

  4. Well in this case it took exactly 7 days! I think it was a record! I am flattered that I got my very own post and comments : ) : ) !! I have missed all you guys to and am rushing to catch up with everyone. We just got connected this morning. This is the third company that came and finally they were able to find a way. Apparently very few people in this apartment have internet! So they had to install all the cable from the street to the apartment. Oh well at least we are back, it was chilly on the dark side of the moon : )

    Bye for now,


  5. Hurrah!! I hope to never visit the dark side of the moon. : ) Welcome back to earth.


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