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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Absent, Horses & Confused People

So, you may not have noticed but I have been absent. Dare I say life got in the way of the blog? Well it did.

Although I still have a broken wrist and I'm wearing a brace and it hurts, I feel free after nearly six weeks in a knuckle to elbow cast. I've been busy with life, leaving me uninterested in the computer for a few days. Strange the almost intoxicating effect this illusion of freedom gave me. 

I spent two days at a Natural Horsemanship clinic. Unheard of for me to allow myself such a luxury of time, but being rid of the horrid cast but still not able to handle horses gave me permission to just do it!

My entire day on Tuesday was a process of mowing a long neglected lawn, interspersed with Kristina and a squirmy, slightly irritated Zing. Zing is like a professional athlete; a demanding personality that needs constant stroking as well as massage, acupuncture, poultice; you get the picture. Yesterday he didn't care for his girth. My job as his personal handmaiden has been neglected.

I had a fine time at the clinic, spending time with my friend Jean and watching the process involved in attempting to make people more comfortable with their horses. I walked away with one clear impression: it is very hard to be a horse. And they don't, by nature, want to hurt us. I think that's all I will say on that.

So I think I'm back.


  1. Good for you! I have been absent as well but not enjoying my time as you were. Don't you find though, you just have to take the time for yourself occasionally. Sounds like a good time too!

  2. You're excused...as if you need to hear that! Yes, horses don't want to hurt us intentionally, we just sometimes don't understand their wants and needs..pushing our agenda isn't always theirs. Sometimes, they let us know when we least expect it. Glad you're back and enjoyed some good ol' horse time!

  3. That's fantastic! Isn't freedom grand? So glad you are back doing what you love, Sandra.

  4. It's a shame that I had so much time off and couldn't use it! Maybe by Oct. I'll get to take Spenser to the park like I did last year, when the photo was taken. I hope my wrist is healed and usable by then!

    Freedom is grand and I am more aware that I should have some fun while I still can.

    Alicia, it's hard to watch what horses have to tolerate.

  5. Well, I noticed & I missed you but life needs to be taken care of first. Glad your back blogging & you had a nice time.

  6. Welcome back! I think I'm back too.

  7. Ganeida, I think you have been too busy to notice!

    Alexandra, nice to hear from you again. Glad you have returned to your blog.

  8. For some, winter is right around the corner and there will be plenty of time to spend at the computer. I think it is so important to enjoy every second of summerI am glad you are feeling a bit more free and were able to feel as if you indulged yourself just a bit.

    So, of course you are excused and welcome back!!!

    I hope you will share some pictures of the dogs in your life. I remeber Atlas, of course. I, too, love sighthounds. I am not sure there is a prettier picture than a coursing Afghan, greyhound, saluki, deerhound, wolfhound ... Just one more thing I am missing outhere in the desert.

  9. Glad you are back...sounds like it was a nice reconnection and we all need that from time to time. I love the picture of you on your horse!

  10. Thanks Judy. Both Spenser and I looked like we felt...shocked. He had never been ridden in a park, he hadn't been ridden in at least 8 years and I had not been riding at all for 9 years. He looks better than me after all those sedentary years, that's for sure. He's a gem, that one is. He was 18 in the photo. I suddenly realize how important he is.

  11. Sandra said...
    Ganeida, I think you have been too busy to notice!

    lol No, I noticed you'd posted some Robbie Burns, whom I like very much indeed, but was too time deprived to leave a comment. Silence can not be equated with a lack of observation. ☺ I'm glad you're back anyway.

  12. Welcome back Sandra! I am glad your cast is off - who is that you are riding?

  13. That's one pretty avenue to ride down in the fall with all those autumn leaves on the ground.

    After only spraining my ankle and being told it will take 3 months to heal I never want to break a bone in my body. Neither the pain or the inconvenience to life is pleasant. I hope it is healing quickly and I glad it is now allowing you to do a few extra activity.

    welcome back.

  14. gsc, I'll get some photos of the dogs up again. They are one of my favorite topics!

    Ganeida, I know you are a fan of Burns. Your schedule would make me crazy!

    J, the horse is my 19 yr. old Saddlebred gelding Spenser. Another of my horses that can sit for years, not weeks or months, and then do something he has never done, like a trail ride in a park, and do it without incident.

    Liss, a sprain can be very painful. I would not recommend breaking a joint though!


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