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Monday, July 13, 2009

Fruits Of Labor

Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it.  
Author Unknown

A very tall hollyhock. The hollyhocks are courtesy of birds, since I never planted them, but they appeared several years ago. They are the old fashioned hollyhock and they can get quite tall.

It's been a dry year, on top of several dry years, so this is an often seen sight.

I am having success with my first attempt at growing vegetables. The zucchini are producing, I have one eggplant as well as several blossoms. The lettuce is bountiful and the lemon cucumber is going wild. My tomatoes have lots of blossoms and some fruit and I've harvested my first peppers over the weekend. The garlic and shallots are doing well, although an entire row of garlic did not come up. Strangely the thing I have experience with, herbs, are not doing as well as they should. My basil is lack-luster in its production. I water frequently, but perhaps it hasn't been enough. Overall, I would so far call this a success.


  1. I think gardening is a bit like that. The weather conditions play a huge part. I've had beans coming out my ears most years but this year we only got a really small crop but the cucumber! And I'm not even real keen on cucumbers ~ which is why we got a bumper crop. lol

  2. I would definitely call yours a success...the lettuce looks fabulous. I'm told the more you pick, the more it comes back. What a beautiful landscape with the barn in the background!

  3. Your farm looks just beautiful! Thanks for the blog plug!

  4. I want to run under your sprinkler :)

    your vegetable garden looks extremely successful, there is nothing better that home grown food.

  5. Great garden! Too hot now for lettuce here, but lots of everything else!

  6. Your gardens look great. Everything here seems to be on slo-mo as the weather has been so cool and wet.

  7. Your garden and yard look fabulous!
    We have always talked about starting a garden, and haven't done it yet. Hopefully someday!

  8. Well since I wen and broke my wrist my gardening will be severely curtailed! Thanks for the encouragement everyone, now to figure out how to operate one-handed. : )

  9. Your garden looks great! We ran out of time to put a garden in this year - hopefully next year!

    You do have a beautiful landscape there.

    I had hollyhocks one year in Ohio, at the back of my backyard, along a fence. I adore hollyhocks. How lucky you are they just appeared!

  10. we bought an established farm site, so lots of mature trees. can't beat having big trees!


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