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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thinks on a Friday

Why is it you dig a hole, fill it in and have leftover dirt?

I find I have lost a day. Where it went, I do not know. I fear I will not find it. So I have my limited thoughts on Friday. At least I still have most of my mind intact, at least as far as I can tell. But if I've lost it, would I know?

Mostly my thoughts revolve around the edge of the eddy. Perhaps this will go away when the cast does. I am not used to being so useless. The worry is I may be getting accustomed to it.

I got my first bill for my wrist; I think Canada is becoming really appealing. Do you think they will notice two middle-aged Minnesotans, twenty-four horses, two dogs and three cats sneaking in? 

I think my vegetable garden was a great idea. Sometimes my schemes are productive, unlike the one that included eating machines, otherwise known as horses. But I digress. Lots of salads have been had and continue, tomato plants are loaded with blossoms and fruit, zucchini and lemon cukes are ready to produce massively. Sort of like my broodmares once did. Oh my.

Then there are the baby robins in a hanging basket on the veranda. This is year two for robins doing this. It makes me wonder why they are nesting so close in. Last year there was a nest in a hollowed portion of a fence post about eight feet from the gate, right in front of the barn, as well as in a flower basket. I have not seen this before last year. 

Enjoy the day.


  1. I agree Canada is becoming very appealing, medical costs here are terrible...and to that the number of people totally without medical care, or medical insurance. It's a problem.

    Thanks for adding your name to Janet's page. I found the link for the fun Friday name thingy, if you wanna pop back over to play.

    Have a great day

  2. Not to mention our veterinary costs...How about an $867 estimate to do a dental on a cat...anyone?

    I escaped the bill.

    There are a lot of horses and middle-aged people in Canada, you'd fit right in. ;)

    I have a remote area border crossing permit, perhaps we can sneak the horses in that way.

  3. Sandy, I hope your niece has a complete recovery.

    J, 24 horses might get noticed! What a relief you get to postpone a bill.

  4. I'm right behind you going to Canada..it's close too! Yes, the 24 horses might raise a few eyebrows but who's counting anyway? I was told that when breaking a bone, marrow seeps into the blood stream and can cause a slight depression until the break is completely healed? Have no clue if it's a truth or not, but blame it on the break! Have a great weekend!

  5. It may be true. I have not felt myself since this happened. This is interesting.

  6. Come on over! I guess we will have to share Superior, Eh? LOl

  7. I choose Prince Edward Island....


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