Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sometimes you think life just hands you this. A pile of crap.

Then you realize that you get much more of this. The good stuff that comes from crap.

My profound thinks for today.


  1. Let's hope that pile isn't what you picked this morning!! Feel better..still rooting for you. BTW...you are a very good typer with one hand. I can barely manage with two!

  2. ha! i'm not picking anything, but this is a pile that went into my garden. i am a hunt and peck typer and i'm fast with a couple fingers. i use the left hand mainly for caps. my head is a little clearer today and i spent sometime outside. i'm taking less of the narcotic, which is a big plus. i'm on my way back!

  3. Yay! Having nursed Liddy through her collar bone I know the first bit is the most painful. The next bit is mostly frustrating. (((Hugs))) ♥ Nice to have you around in here so much so we all get a bonus from your wrist.

  4. Fabulous thought! AND sooooooooo true.

    I'm adding you to my blog log so I can find my way back easier and more often.

    Thanks for the visits, look forward to your next one.


  5. Glad to hear you are on your way back...Love the crap! Too much crap is not good, then you are full of it!

  6. your spirits seem higher today!

    Maybe you convert to a lefty after few weeks of one handed typing.

    I hope the pain is easing. It was nice to read you got dressed today but you have every excuse to stay in your pajamas if you want.

  7. the first bit was the hardest. still hurts, but not so intense. i've been able to cut back on the meds.

    judy, i've been accused if being full of crap a time or two!

    liss, as the pain goes down, the spirit goes up!


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