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Friday, July 17, 2009

My First, Or Zucchini....How I love Thee

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.  
Author Unknown

The very first zucchini I have ever grown. Ta-da! A strange thing, this. I have been scratching around in the dirt for a very long time, but I grew flowers, not food. Whatever in this world was wrong with me? I have developed this odd fascination for my little vegetable plot; I eye it daily, sometimes more than once. I'm proud of the thing, like I would be of a very fine foal. If I were able I would write a sonnet about my Zucchini, oh my! I believe I am addled. Or my life truly has become incredibly boring. Truth is, it's probably both.

I am a fan of the zucchini. It is so versatile; cook with it, bake with it, it is delicious. Wouldn't you know, I have this very fine specimen of green tasty produce and I am unable to do anything with it because of my useless arm. My attempt at food preparation Tuesday evening was laughable, unless it's happening to you, so I'm not doing that again! Ah well, it should hold. My two plants are teeming with little green wonders, so I will be in zucchini heaven for the remainder of the summer. 

OK, I know it's plainly evident I am bored beyond distraction. But you never know, a zucchini could very well bring me joy even if my arm were not in a cast and sling and hurting. When I start writing about glorious lettuce or magnificent carrots it will be clear I have completely lost my mind to the effects of boredom, or that I miscounted the pain medicine!

You do have to admit, it is a lovely zucchini.


  1. LOL! Yes, It is a gorgeous zuc! Congratulations. I can totally relate, have been growing roses and flowers for hummers for years. This summer I'm growing my first (as an adult) veggie garden too! When I pulled up my first head of Bibb lettuce last week, I felt "American Indian-ish" and found myself thanking the lettuce for giving itself to me. I am in awe of the power of the seed. Your garden is way ahead of mine...I have big plants but no babies yet...We'll have to share zuc. recipes.
    Prayers for the speedy recovery of your arm. We've got some cooking to do! Ha!

  2. hi debra, thanks for visiting! so what is it about us that kept us from growing food all of these long years? i haven't actually thanked the food, but i think i have felt gratitude toward it.: )

    i want to make zucchini bread, it's been a long time since i have had that. but i am getting fatter by the day, so it's probably a bad idea. sometimes it's not fair.

  3. Love it!!! We have had so much already we are putting them on the doorstep, ringing the bell, and running from our neighbors!

  4. i know, they grow like they are alien beings. but right now it seems to be a wonderful thing. my kristina will stop coming out by the end of summer because i'll be sneaking zucchini into her car!

  5. Yes, it is a fine specimen...would win the blue ribbon at the fair! I don't think you have an addled brain yet..unless I do as everything you said made perfect sense to me. I think the joy of growing a garden is that you planted, nursed and fed it and once it gave birth, you can enjoy the beauty of the whole thing!
    BTW, I have a great recipe for a chocolate zucchini cake...all mixer made and a one hand operation.

    We also lock our doors in town when it comes to zucchini time as people just put them in your front seat to get rid of them. We make ratatouli so leave our car unlocked..HA! Hope you're feeling better!

  6. if i pass through your town, i'll look for the unlocked car.: )

    I love winning ribbons. i have spent lots of money just to get one of those tri-colored numbers!

  7. lol I understand your excitement perfectly. Although I have been growing food for years [& I particularly adore zucchini]I've never lost the sense of wonder that a scraggly plant produces FOOD! Really, truly, edible FOOD! That is a fine specimen of a zucchini.

  8. Sandra - That is a marvelous zucchini! Marvelous! It will taste better than any you have ever had. All things do when you grow them yourself. I hope you will heal quickly and are not in too much pain.

  9. Yes, a gorgeous zucchini! I am bummed for you that you broke your arm in the middle of the summer.

  10. Yes, It is a stunning zucchini!
    I just love my little gardens too, it is so fun to see everything grow. I have the cutest watermelons growing right now, about the size of a grapefruit.

  11. Cute piece. Must admit that throughout, I did wonder if you were on pain medication and just finding amazing things about zuchinni that the rest of us were failing to notice. ;)

    Gardens are a delight - enjoy.

    Hope you are feeling better and that your wrist is healing well.

  12. My youngest son HAD to plant Zucchini, we have 2 hills in the middle of our front yard! I'll take a good but easy zucchini bread recipe. We are no where near having an actual Zucchini yet...

  13. I'd have to say your zucchini is very fine looking!!
    As a matter of fact, my other half's mom just brought over 2 loafs of zucchini bread for us today! Yummo!

  14. Agreed , it is a nice looking zucchini and looks like it's a perfect size unlike my abnormal monster I grew this summer.

  15. you have all shown yourselves to be people of fine taste! you can recognize quality when you see it. : )


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