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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is There Anyway Out Of Here, Said The Joker To The King

If so, can I get a ticket?

I'm beginning to worry. I think I am cursed. Bad luck follows me around like a faithful dog. Our sump pump has been running non-stop since spring, but we are in a drought, so this did not make sense. It has finally been determined to be a leak in the line from the well to the house. The well we needed to have put in in 2001 when the pump stopped working. The well that had to be drilled because the pump could not be removed from the other perfectly fine well because the installers used PVC piping for the shaft which wasn't strong enough to be pulled out of heavy clay. The well that had to have a pump replaced 3 years later because a plumber turned the water off but left the pump running. That well.

 Ah, 2001. A barn roof collapsed under heavy snow, trapping a pregnant mare under the debris. Diamond Rose died after foaling Zing. A filly died two days after the Twin Towers came down. Zing had pneumonia and nearly left me. We had a hail storm that ruined all of the roofs on the property. After 2001 if I didn't curl up in a ball and never come out of my hole I was never going to do so. The past twelve months are trying hard to vie with that year it seems.

So a pictorial of the events of the day.

Yep, it's a hole.

What an expensive mess.

I need to stand on a street corner with a sign "Will Work For Water".
It gets harder and harder to keep a game face on.

Kristina was out while this other activity is happening, so we had two different horse powered events going on in close proximity at the same time.

This is Zing, one of my 2001 events. I have no regret where this 2001-er is concerned. They make a lovely pair; both long of leg and lean of body. A back hoe digging up the yard was no concern of his. So much for Crazy Arabian.  He is coming into his own (finally!) this year. So much suspension and big gaits. I guess I knew what I was doing when I put his parents together. It's rewarding when you get it so right. Almost makes me forget the other thing that's going on fifty feet away. Almost.

The end of the story is; the leak is fixed, the sump pump is quiet and I am poor(er).


  1. The good,the bad and the ugly...I hope it gets better for you.
    What a handsome horse!

  2. Well, well, your post reminds me of the play Zorba the Greek. At some point someone asks him about his life, wanting to know if he has this or that, and he replies that yes, he has the full catastrophe.

    Seems that's what you have too - a full catastrophe of, as Judy says, the good, the bad and the ugly. Quite a juxtaposition of two beauties you love beside the latest woe you must contend with. Well, there you go - your life of "whoas". :)

    Love how you are able to poke fun at yourself and your situations. Like you say, if you survived 2001 - you can survive anything.

  3. Sandra, What a bunch of idiots you had for well drillers..I am truly sorry this happened to you..it really sucks..and it is EXPENSIVE.. hello people..you need water..I hope it is the last big expensive irritation this year. Country living..I sometimes fear that our lines will freeze in the winter..Minnesota living..you know. I have learned over the years to ask lots of questions and never leave anyone alone to do work or repairs..
    Your horse is beautiful..hope he helps keep a smile on your face:)

  4. Ouch. I know pumps. We were on tank water for years & no, they do not run well when there is no water! :( However that is one super gorgeous horse! Worth it, I'm thinking, to own an animal like that.

  5. Ouch! I had the experience a few years ago of the waterline from house to barn breaking. After using the portable sump pump in the barn and then observing the dry ground surrounding the very soggy riding paddock next to the barn, I made the brilliant deduction that, yup, we had a problem. My husband shut the water to the barn off and end of problem. This is a mess and not what you needed right now. By the way, your horses are looking so lovely!

  6. The mess is bad enough, but the expense is worse. Add it onto "the best healthcare in the world" ala we get to pay for my broken wrist and you can perhaps picture many $$$. I wonder if Canada would let us in?

    Thank you for the nice words about Zing. He is one of a few apples of my eye!

  7. I can see why Zing is one of the apples of your eye...he is beautiful. I'm partial to bays so that makes it all the more enticing to see. Sorry about the water and the lines...what a mess. Like Bonnie said, if you survived 2001, you're on a roll to survive 2009. All this and a broken wrist..ugh!

  8. 2001 was an awful year according to me.

    2001 -2003 the lowest of my life so when I look back at this time I know there is only one way and that is up.

    Fill that massive hole with positive thoughts and hope of better times.

  9. Our well pump crapped out after only having it for a couple of years. They don't make things the way they used to - and as you said, IT. IS. VERY. EXPENSIVE.

    Hope the rest of the week is going better....


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