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Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Every Woman Wants

Now why didn't I think of this? I should have our very resourceful handyman make something like this for me! I'll think I'll keep the $4500 for something else, like feeding the horses.

No flies - No odor - No mess
 The Dirty Truth! A horse weighing 1000 lbs produces an average of 9 tons of manure every year!
 Pasture Vacuums are not a luxury to horse owners, they are a necessity! Whether you have three horses or thirty horses, a Pasture Vacuum will greatly reduce the risk of accumulative manure buildup in your pasture or paddock. Removing the manure cuts down on flies, parasites, worms etc. When you think about the toll 54,000 pounds of horse manure will take on your lush green pasture each year (figured for only three horses). 
 Easily towed behind golf cart, lawn tractor or utility vehicle. 

The Vac's can be used for Bulk shavings - vacuum them up and dump them in the stall - this saves money on bagged shavings and labor with the shovel and wheel barrow not to mention your back. Water Troughs out in your fields/pens - no more bailing or waiting until they are low enough to dump. Just vacuum them out, clean and refill. Acorns - worried about colic - just vacuum them up and dump them out. The uses of a Pasture Vacuum are countless! The vac's come in two sizes. Our Paddock Vac holds 3-4 wheel barrow loads and retails for $3,450.00 + shipping. The Maxi Vac holds 7-8 wheel barrow loads and retails for $4,450.00 + shipping.
Managing horse manure the easy way! 


  1. That's one jazzy machine cleaning up a dirty job.

  2. I don't believe it & I just saw it with my own 2 eyes! Really?! That is just so bizarre.

  3. There is something for everyone...and some are willing to pay lots of $$$$ for those crazy things! Who has the time to do that???

  4. not only bizarre, but expensive! when i want to clean up a paddock i hook up the drag and break the stuff up. i thought some of you might find this unusual.

  5. too bad sh*t happens... huh!

    composting has to work for you though right. That is for the spoiled rancher - Minnesotans hardly fall under spoiled, do we?

  6. sometimes spoiled doesn't sound too bad!

  7. Not surprising, the BO at my last barn would have paid for this.

    It's all relative.

  8. This should be one of those weird wacky inventions! I was never a fan of vacuuming my horse either!

  9. J, i believe you!

    Alicia, this item will sit in a few sheds, unused, i think. : )


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