Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Living in the modern age,
death for virtue is the wage.
So it seems in darker hours.
Evil wins and kindness cowers.

Ruled by violence and vice
We all stand upon thin ice.
Are we brave or are we mice,
here upon such thin, thin ice?

Dare we linger, dare we skate?
Dare we laugh or celebrate,
knowing we may strain the ice?
Preserve the ice at any price?

The Book of Counted Sorrows


  1. Sobering. Did you get bad news about your arm/wrist? Hope not.

  2. i got good news. no surgery! 4 more weeks in a cast. the thing hurts like crazy, buy i'm weaning off the drugs. i can't drive if i'm on the pain meds and i'm tired of being stranded.

  3. Hurrah! There were lines in the poem that made me wonder if the news had been bad. So glad for you!
    Thanks for visiting my blog Sandra.

  4. I don't usually select a poem that reflects my moods, but rather something that I like. This is in a book I'm reading and it caught my attention.

    Love your wild nasturtiums. I planted a bunch of them because my companion gardening guide told me garlic and shallots like nasturtium (like the chives you have with them), but they have overtaken everything!

  5. I tuned in to hear what your prognosis was..Yippee! No surgery is a good thing! Are you able to use it now or has he kept you on quiet time? Sorry about the pain but this too will improve. Easy for me to say right? I'm not the one in a cast!

  6. I am not able to use it because it is very painful. I have a cast all the way to my knuckles, so my fingers are really restricted, but the main issue is the pain. I broke it in a 'T', across the wrist and then the other way into the arm bone. I am unable to apply enough pressure to hold onto an onion to cut it in half. But, the MD doesn't feel it will move at this point, so I don't need to be wrapped in bubble wrap. Eventually the pain will lessen, but right now I'm still useless.


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