Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, July 2, 2009


It's Thursday. Once again I present my stream of consciousness. It's a bumpy ride.

Time is moving so quickly. It hardly seems possible that it is July; it seems I was complaining about ice yesterday. At this rate, I'll wake up an old woman in what will seem to be overnight.

I got a good, laugh out loud dose of irony on Monday morning, courtesy of MSNBC and Morning Joe.  Rudy Giuliani was the guest discussing the South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, and his affair. He was asked, with a straight face, if he thought Sanford should resign and if this was the end of Sanford's political career. Giuliani answered, with a straight face. What he said is immaterial, but it was no. Rudy Giuliani, really? The same guy who announced during a press conference he was leaving his wife, but neglected to inform his wife. So she finds out by TV. This Rudy Giuliani! The same guy who during that press conference praised the qualities of the mistress he was leaving his wife for? His second wife, the one he left his first wife for. Oh sweet irony, what would I do without you! Unfortunately for them, the brain trusts involved with this did not know they were being ironic. Which of course, makes it even better. You cannot make this stuff up. 

Minnesota finally has its second Senator, after eight months. The political junkie in me looks forward to the tap dancing that will ensue as the spineless Democrats attempt to spin the lack of meaningful action now that they can't whine about the Republican obstructionists. The citizen that I am wants the dancing to stop. It's time to play hardball or get out of the game. In the belly of the beast known as politics, this is what you call taking names and cracking heads. There is no more cover. I volunteer. Okay, I'm better now. 

Zing has been an absolute angel for a whole week. After a week of being a hormonal fool, this is an abrupt about face. He is actually paying attention and learning something. And so quiet. My, my. Perhaps the sweet nothing I was whispering in his ear got through to him. Snip, snip Zing.

I've been eating home grown greens for several days. I think I'm morphing into a rabbit. Snidely Fox hasn't come back to dig in the dirt and the rabbits are busy with my petunias, leaving my lettuce alone. I'm becoming obsessed with plant life.

Governor Mark Sanford needs to shut up and go to Argentina to be with his soulmate. He's not doing his wife, his children nor the citizens of South Carolina any good. None. Stop talking. Please. It's creepy and I don't want to hear you cry about the love of your life. Who is not your wife. Especially when as a congressman you condemned Bill Clinton for breaking his vows to his wife. You said that was the only thing that mattered. Please shut up and go to Argentina.

I truly hope I will never hear Family Values again in what remains of my lifetime. Fat chance, but a person can always hope. I almost swore.

Sometimes I think my life with Mark is interesting in a strange way. He's very smart, but not so 'with us', if you know what I mean. I made a quick dinner Wednesday night, which included gnocchi and leftover tomato meat sauce from a couple of days ago, as a side. He commented on how good the meal was. I said I used the leftover sauce and a package of gnocchi. He said, serious mind you, "A package of monkey?" I thought I would fall off my chair. He ate his food, liked his food and then wondered if I had fed him monkey. And never gave an indication that it wasn't normal. I live with this everyday of my life. Sometimes I laugh so hard my side hurts. Sometimes I want to smack him upside the head. I often ask him what it's like living inside that head. But he is really smart. Really, he is. He said if I post this, it will reflect badly upon me. Because I am married to him. What did I tell you?

I think people are letting technology rule their lives. Kristina talked about hating the fact that her friends expect her to be available on demand and that coming out to ride is the only time she is disconnected. I told her it's a choice kid. You don't need to leave the phone on. Turn it off, they'll get over it. I'm basically 1960's with a computer. I know just enough to be dangerous, but I don't know my own cell phone number, I don't know how to retrieve voice mail from my cell phone. I don't use my cell phone, the thing irritates me. I answer my land line if I feel like it. I then return the call if a message is left. I've got that annoying call waiting, which I completely, without reservation, ignore. I DO NOT TWEET and I really don't participate in facebook. But I have an account. I talk in person, I talk on the phone, I email some and I run off at the finger tips on a blog. Personal interaction is being whittled down to a tweet. Oy. But who am I to talk, I'm here. But that's different. That's me and not those I am righteously criticizing. Nothing like the perfection of self-applause.

I said it is a bumpy ride. It could have been worse, but I took the paved road.


  1. You had me laughing outloud with that post!! I'm wondering if your husband and mine are from the same gene pool?? Thought your best line was, " . . . Sandford is not doing his wife . . ." yup, and therein lies the problem.

    I SO adore your header - it is beautiful. Even if I didn't enjoy your posts (AND I DO) I would visit now and then to see your header and your horses.

  2. aaahhhhh, don't you feel better???
    You are too funny!
    Men are all the same,if it yours mine or whoever, the exteriors are different but the insides from the same mold. But we like them for many reasons and they keep us laughing.

  3. Politicians, the world over are corrupt. Flat out. Some more than others but still, corrupt.I love your discussions on politicians! You hit the nail on the head. I have always said I don't care about who the heck the are sleeping with, I don't care about family values (which have gone to hell in a hand basket anyway), I care about what they are doing for our country! Focus on that people!

  4. The perfect quote on politics is: It doesn't matter who you vote for a politician always gets elected! Subtle & devestating but, oh all too true. lol I'm a political idiot. I wish they'd all go play on Mars & leave the rest of us alone ~ with their soul mates who are not their wives! So there. ☻ Yeah, it happens out here too.

    Um, I think I might be related to Mark...lol Me'n'Ditz. That is so us. Of course we're only so off the air because we are thinking deep & meaningful thinks. ;)

  5. Man...you must really make a mean pasta sauce to cover up monkey!! I was ROFLMAO when I read that and no...not a reflection on you. My husband swears I say things that I know were never uttered from my mouth. It's called a well-tuned marriage..lol!

  6. Bonnie: The header is the neck of my Lipizzan cross Ari. He is fancy and photogenic and the only horse everyone wants to buy! Not doing his wife, OMG, when I wrote that I didn't get my own comedy!

    Judy, yes I did feel better and yes men are basically all the same. Let me know when your husband thinks he's eaten monkey. And is calm about it!

    Lorac, I happen to enjoy politics, but I don't enjoy hypocrisy and fake morality. Wait a minute, I think that is politics. : ) Never mind.

    Ganeida: A more perfect quote cannot exist! You, Ditz & Mark, the triumvirate of out there!

    I guess I do make some kind of sauce Alicia. And I so recognize the hearing problem, I'm often told I said something it would have taken the parting of the Red Sea to get me to utter!

    Sometimes my mundane life gets a small lift.

  7. I am also soooo irritated with the hypocrisy of Republican family values. Or their touting of said values. Or their way of constantly throwing them in our faces while doing "other stuff" behind closed doors. As I said, hypocrisy.
    I've been looking at those packages of monkey in the stores. Do you buy the refrigerated monkey, or the dried boxed monkey? Which is better?

  8. Hey, your back! I buy frozen monkey, so much better than dried!

  9. Ah, I love your rants. I did laugh out loud esp about Rudy. What a world class a-hole.

    And I just said that very thing about Sanford the other day to my husband -- the guy just needs to SHUT UP. He makes it worse everytime he opens his dumb mouth. I agree with you, just go on to Argentina!

    Hmmm, the frozen monkey, huh? I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for that next time I'm at the store. ;-)

    Great post, loved it.

  10. I think the frozen monkey is right next to the aardvark and behind the weasel. : )

  11. i love rambling posts like this.

    and i really want to know what you think about the resignation of sarah palin....

  12. I've got a theory about Palin. I wonder if she may not be looking at some legal problems? She isn't so popular as governor anymore, either and she has really thin skin. It doesn't make sense if she is quitting to concentrate on a presidential run in 2012. Her term as gov is up in 2010. She would have the time to devout to a run after she left office. Something is up and we will probably find out!


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