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Thursday, July 9, 2009


He was born with a gift of laughter and a sure sense the world was mad.

One of the blast from the past callers.

1.4 million per day is being spent by the industry to lobby Congress against a public option for healthcare. Hmmm...........what do you think will happen?

What's up with people who put you on their friends list on facebook that have no idea who you are? Why is it so important to have a kazillion 'friends' that you have no kind of connection to. In the case of having me as an unknown 'friend', the other person is very likely to get offended and upset at some point. I just did it again yesterday. If they knew me, they wouldn't be surprised or upset. I didn't ask them to be my 'friend'.

I have had two experiences in a week's time of people from the past contacting me out of the blue. One was amazing enough, but two? It leaves a person feeling a little off balance. An oft stated idea that things happen in threes is playing through my head.

My burst of energy in the early summer has, well, burst. I am filled with ennui, a lethargy I don't seem to be able to escape. I could blame it on heat and humidity, but it hasn't been too bad the last couple of days. But still I remain inactive. This is not a way to live a life.

I'm currently listening to business news. It leads me back to the thought that when we went to being an economy based on consumption (70% of our economy is consumer based), we sealed our fate. Too bad some of the money tossed at Wall Street didn't go toward getting those idle factories operating again.

Mark has been gone a lot this summer: vacation with his large family at Myrtle Beach SC, as well as business trips. I miss Atlas. I never gave a thought to being alone with him around. I don't want another dog though, so I will have to get used to the fact.

When I first met Kristina, she was so somber. She never smiled, much less laughed. Odd, because now she laughs a lot, mostly at me! She finds me unusual and I suppose I am. She has told me she looks forward to reaching the age where she can be a walking contradiction and get away with it. Somehow, I can't picture Kristina ever becoming a strange little semi-reclusive crazy person. Kristina has a great laugh and I'm pleased I have given her reason to use it.

I'm late today and my work is waiting, from the sound of them, not so patiently. It's supposed to storm today, so the equines will remain inside. My horses are treated as semi-delicate flowers where weather is concerned. I don't like them out in storms. Of course, because I'm leaving them in the storm will pass right over us.


  1. I enjoy your stream of thoughts about your life today. Hope the ennui passes - humidity does that to me too. Work is calling me too - have a great day.

  2. in my experience, a horse's ability to hurt itself is directly proportional to whether it knows what you paid for it...good idea keeping them inside when a storm is approaching.

  3. Political & business news creates ennui & lethargy. Stop reading! :P

    Facebook is weird. Last time I said that I got me in trouble but it is very weird. Heck I don't even want 1/2 the people I used to know let alone those that I don't on my friends list. I'm strange that way.

    At least the heat & humidity don't seem to have fried your brain yet or killed your sense of humour. Go girl!

  4. I've been weeding the garden for the past two days - and I haven't even made a dent in them. Aargh.
    I refuse people as my friends on facebook. As I said to one friend on there (that has a billion friends listed) - "I never spoke to those people in high school, why would I want them to know what is going on with me now?" Hence the reason that I never listed my high school on there. I don't WANT people finding me. I'm crazy reclusive that way. (Actually Mr. Britwife finds me pretty unsociable - compared to him at least).
    Hope you got the rain - we didn't. I ended up hanging clothes outside - because the sky blued up. Dang. We can use the rain.

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  6. Sorry - I deleted a comment I made about losing my own burst of energy after doing a major remodel inside our stable. (I also must be too tired to spell and should have previewed it!) We took out a lot of empty stalls etc in order to end up with a walk/trot space during bad weather.Cassidy has a hard time with skin reactions to insect bites. The vet has checked him and he is OK. I bought Bite Free from Farnum and he is rapidly healing up.

  7. I've never understood the "friends" part of facebook..kind of like your old high school buddies are checking up on you...just a little too weird for me. Pangs of grief always resurface when we're alone I think so a bud that has been by your side for so long is bound to cause reflection at times we least expect them to happen. What a compliment to be a walking contradiction!

  8. No , I don't get face book either. A facebook friend sent me email telling me not to add these 2 people as friends because it was a virus. All they while I was thinking why would I add people I don't know as friends?

    I have a facebook account but I uses it as an email address book and rarely hang out there.

    this was an enjoyable and interesting post.

  9. Hi Bonnie, it needs to pass because I have too much to do to sit around!

    julocka. you are so right!

    Ganeida, In the life, if you lose your humor, you'll never make it. I'm a junky, I can't quit following the stuff!

    Britwife, 2 days of weeding, yuk. We didn't get the rain. Figures, I keep the equines in.

    dressage rider, I'm glad you found something that works for Cassidy. Nasty reaction to bites is terrible for a horse.

    Alicia, I have 'friends that I have never heard of or had any contact with. They come through the Arabian horse affiliation. I've always accepted them because of the connection, but I think I'll stop. I have no interest in connecting with long ago schoolmates either.

    Liss, I don't hang out there either. I try to look at it once a day because people that I know us it instead of email or phone calls. If I don't look at it I would never hear from anyone again!


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