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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update On My Blunder

I guess I should update on my wrist. It's hard to type with one hand, so I'll make this short. I am in a cast. The ortho said this type of break can move and because my hand is badly swollen the cast will not remain snug as the swelling goes down. Therefore I need to keep my left hand quiet for the next week so as to not aggravate the break. I return to see him next week, he will x-ray again and re-cast if the break has not moved. If it has, I will need surgery to put pins in my wrist.

There isn't much I can do that doesn't require two hands, or at least some assistance from the other hand, but since it's vital that I don't use it (and it hurts really bad, so I don't want to anyway) I am being very careful. I believe I will be very cranky by my next doctor appointment.

I was thinking about dinner and realized I can't make what I had planned. Food is going to be a challenge for awhile.

Did I mention it REALLY HURTS?


  1. Oh my, I forgot how limited you are with one hand...do you have help with the horses? You have too much work to be done....If I lived closer I would dump myself and my limited horse skills on you!

  2. Oooooh - I remember the pain - not fun. Thanks for update, I was wondering what the state of your wrist is . . . It's such an interesting lesson in letting go of control - because suddenly we can do none of the things we usually do. Hope your husband parks you in a comfy chair, with a foot-stool and puts a pile of great books, a laptop, and your cell phone beside you. Think of it as an imposed vacation. Probably sounds like heaven to some of us out here! (poor joke, I know it's not) Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am honored that you would bother with the pain you are enduring.

  3. Ouchy~ouchy! Mmmm. Have you got help with the horses? That was my first thought. I could see you running round one~armed being superhero after those animals instead of letting that arm heal. I wish I could help but sadly my finances won't stretch to daily international flights.

  4. sounds like take out to me.

    rest dear one.

  5. I wish I lived a bit closer and could at least help with all the horses. Cooking would be another thing all together! I can't believe you are typing going through this pain. I'm hoping for a mend and for you not to have pins so listen to the doc and keep as still as you can. I have a feeling that you are a doer and this is going to be a real test at keeping quiet and still..LOL! I'm pullin' for you!

  6. i have my daily helper deb and mark is helping deb. it's hard for mark because he has his own work to do. after making an attempt at cooking tonight i know i won't be cooking this week! it doesn't hurt to type as long as i don't use caps, but it is serious one-handed hunt and peck! i'm optimistic that i will be able to use my fingers next week. i am a doer, but i'm also pragmatic. i want full use of my arm and i don't want to pay for a surgical procedure. this is expense enough. so i'm being good!

    it's nice to have your good wishes. i'll behave, i will.

  7. How long will your arm be in a cast?

    It must be annoying not being about to do things for your self. Even putting on clothes, doing up buttons and zips or tying shoe laces. On top of that the things you love and need to do like cooking and your farm chores. You must be Frustrated.

    In pain and frustrated you defiantly equals GRUMPY with good cause.

    I hope your pain eases very soon.

  8. Oh crappity crap for you.
    A person doesn't realise how hard it is to do the simple day-to-day things (like someone mentioned - get dressed!) with only one arm. Not to mention, your chores! Aargh.
    Take loads of drugs. Have a beer. But not together. :)
    I'm thinking of you!

  9. Well just try to enjoy your drugs the best you can. It sounds very painful and I am hoping you don't have to have surgery!

  10. I hope the pain goes away quickly! And hopefully you won't have to have surgery!
    It is hard to do things with one hand. When I had lung surgery, it affected my whole left side, so I couldn't use my left arm for awhile. It is so hard to do what needs to be done with one arm!

  11. I hope you are wearing sweatpants to make the trips to the bathroom easier! :~)

    I just don't know what else to say except that I know it stinks.

    (Raises her coffee cup) Here's to quick healing and no surgury!

  12. i needed something for pain in the early am, but i don't need it so far now. the swelling is somewhat reduced. i don't know how long i'll be in a cast, it hasn't been discussed as it depends on next weeks x-ray.
    it's restrictive, but i have help. kristina is coming out this morning to help mark and deb, so am chores will be done fast. that will help mark get back to his work that actually pays!
    jean, i know you had a badly broken arm several years ago from a stallion. funny thing, his daughter put me in the cast!
    i never got out of jammies yesterday, but i'm in sweats and a tee shirt today. one-handed bathroom breaks, you better get there before the urge is strong!!!

  13. Oh, Sandra! I was not going to ask which horse it was! Yes, I remember not telling my husband for about a month which horse had caused my broken arm, because what was done was done and anger was not going to change it. In my case, with 20/20 hindsight, I was in too much of a hurry. At least that's what the stallion told me! :~) I am thankful you have some help----although we know no one could actually take your place.....

  14. jean, as we both know, who did it is not important because anyone of them is capable given the right circumstance. put a distracted two-legger in the equation and you get a broken bone sometimes!

  15. Ouch - I am so sorry about this. Quite a few years ago a very lovely and kind Fadjur son accidentally kicked me in the side of my knee, putting me straight into surgery. It was not his fault at all either. It is awful to be laid up when you have so many horses in your care. And the pain - only chidlbirth was worse for me. At least it is not winter!

  16. someone told me a long time ago that when you're talking to horse people it never seems to be the horse's fault! truth is, it usually isn't. we have the big brain. : )


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