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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Sugar Bowl Of Berries, 'Cause Life Isn't A Bowl Of Cherries

Life is just a chance to grow a soul.
A. Powell Davies

I see the orthopedic doc tomorrow and I will find out what my short-term fate will be. My friend Jeni put it to words today; I am like a caged animal. Which means if I'm not let out soon, I will bite.

Another friend took pity on me today and picked me up to meet some friends for breakfast. I would have met enemies for breakfast at this point, but fortunately these are friends. I felt as if I had been let out on furlough! Climbing into her one-ton dually was not a sight for the timid.

I picked berries yesterday, something I can do one-handed. There are wild blackberries growing all over the place, so the only challenge is to get to the berries before the birds do. In doing so I made a discovery; we have a few current bushes that we didn't have before. Wild berry producing plants are a nice gift from Mother Nature.

We have rain in the forecast for overnight. The entire area is holding its breath. 


  1. Those berries look delicious. I see a blackberry cobbler in the process. You always give me a chuckle..enemies for breakfast..eat them or greet them? Here's hoping tomorrow brings good news and just a new cast.

  2. Sandra:

    Hope Alicia is right and you do not need surgery or pins. It's tough not being able to do all the things you love. Hold on . . . How are the horses doing without you doing the things you normally do with and for them?

  3. Wishing you luck tomorrow...a cobbler certainly would be yummy!

  4. Don't hold your breath on the rain, it doesn't rain in the desert.

    Best of luck tomorrow at the ortho!

  5. Oh my goodness, those berries look so delish!
    Hope your DR appt. goes well, and that you don't have to have surgery!! Will be thinkin' of ya!

  6. *heeheehee* I wish I could send Liddy your way. She was just the same & would talk your ear off for you [& eat all your berries to boot! lol]. I'm so glad you got out & hope the news from the docs is good.

  7. yum, yum yum.

    If your arm was up for cooking I'd say you would make a cobbler out of these but I'm guessing you'll just be eating these fresh.

    Hope you get good news at the appointment tomorrow.

  8. Ha! you are funny alicia. i just might eat them.: ) The horses are being cared for by Deb & Mark. I won't be baking!


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