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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Glorious Day

We have another beautiful day to enjoy before the hammer falls. No political, moral or ethical lectures from me today! : ) Just get out, vote and enjoy the beautiful day and the life you have.


  1. Ok Sandra,
    Here is my first political question for you. Last night I made a printable electoral college vote map for Sienna as she could not 'get' the idea that the actual number of real votes are not what define the victory. This was helpful to her and as the votes came in we colored in her 'printable map' and tallied the electoral college votes. As kids are known to do, she began asking me many question that I could not answer. Why do we have the electoral college? Is it 'fair'?
    So I am passing these on to you : )!!! I know I need to do some research which I plan on getting to this weekend but I thought your ideas might be really helpful in pointing me in the right direction for research.
    In Argentina, the electoral college was abolished as it became easier to tally and report votes quickly. They also do not allow weekday elections as many workers are not able to leave work. Any thoughts?
    : )

    Ok so you asked for it : )

    If you do not feel like being the Wiki-sandra-pedia
    don't worry I will try to tread these new waters alone : )


  2. Hi Ashley. This is a complicated topic. I'd say the short answer is to give small states a stake in the electoral process. If the election were determined by popular vote, candidates would concentrate all of there time in the high density population areas, leaving sparsely populated states out of the mix, other than what they caught on the news. In the modern era this isn't as relevant as it once was.

    The historical reason behind it is different. The framers were worried about a popular vote as the country was made up of thirteen divergent states that were really a union in name only. The Electoral College was a way of electing a National figure in a loosely held nation that was not connected very well by roads, communication or attitude.

    It is probably unnecessary now, but it works so there doesn't seem to be a reason to undo what the framers created.

    I would suggest looking into the historical reasons, as it's too long and complicated to write here, but it would be an interesting history lesson for Sienna. Anything dealing with the formation of the country is a good study, those were contentious times!


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