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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bill's Chicken

I have been out of Bill's special sauce for two days, so I intended to slow cook a chicken today. I ended up too busy and didn't get it done. Bill is not eating without his 'sauce', he doesn't like the canned stock! So, I'm going to have boiled chicken for dinner, so Bill can have homemade stock (and enough for me, too). 
I have a whole chicken simmering in a pot with water, a medium onion, quartered, two carrots in large pieces, four garlic cloves and two stalks of celery in large pieces. A few bay leaves, fennel seeds, mustard seed, salt and coarse pepper to season. The chicken will absorb the flavors and the resulting broth will be full of flavor. Bill likes it that way!


  1. Bill has high end taste! The old man is getting thin and I want his last days/weeks to be happy, so I'll make chicken for as long as he wants it. I will probably be tired of chicken for awhile though in the end.

  2. Bill ate his dinner this evening, so I guess the stock is a success!


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