Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Friday, November 21, 2008


It's avoided me all of my adult life and some of my childhood. Something that seems so natural is so elusive and skittish as it approaches. When it tentatively noses me, I approach with extended arms, palms up; hopeful. Sometimes I'm grateful, sometimes resigned. I also know I'm not alone, that many people endure sleeplessness.

In the past year there was a study released connecting sleep problems with weight gain. That made sense to me. Although I have had an issue most of my life, I became a confirmed non-sleeper at the same time I started to put on weight. Of course my love of all things delicious doesn't help, either.

I am not a night prowler though. I have learned to manage my insomnia to my best advantage. I stay in bed, I don't watch the clock, nor toss and turn. I have learned to lay quietly and rest.  I know how to quiet my mind and simply be still. I believe rest is beneficial, so even if I don't sleep all night I am restful. I do sleep, just not the whole night, I'm a 2:00 AM waker.

So, now with all kinds of issues in the world that legitimately cause sleeplessness, I guess I have a head start. 

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  1. I have very similar issues. I can sleep and I do but I have never slept through the night that I can remember. I am like you though I can lie still and not move and be pretty peaceful when I am not sleeping however it does start to take its toll sometimes : ) I found that getting physically tired helps sometimes. But I other than that I don't know why I am sometimes more sleepless than others.

    I hope your sleep is a little easier to come by in the next few days as you need it to recover! : )



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