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Monday, November 24, 2008

Recovery, Relief and Hair

I'm feeling much better this morning, still sore, but I physically 'feel' better. I'm restricted on what I can do, so Mark and Deb are doing my job. I need to get back to work so Mark can get back to work; the problem of the self-employed, no paid vacation or sick days. Can't lift over 15# for 3 weeks, but I should be able to get back to the basics in a couple of days.

I'm relieved that I got to the DR when I did. The surgeon said my appendix was ready to burst, it was real 'juicy' in his words and was ready to go at any time. I'm as sore as I am because he told Mark he had to beat me up a bit to get at it. This surgeon does laparoscopic appendix removal for the most part, but sometimes he can't get it and needs to open the person up. He couldn't get at my appendix as it was behind my colon, so they had to be rather hard on me to save me from an abdominal incision. I appreciate it. I am very grateful everything went as it did.

I need to cut my hair. Looking at myself in the mirror while in the hospital I saw an old crone looking back. I have a rather self-contained life where I rarely consider my appearance, but honestly, an old crone! As well as, all this long hair has begun to get on my nerves. It's not long because I am attached to my hair, it's long because my hair is a weed and grows fast. I don't take time to get it cut and before I know it I have long, gray hair. Sitting in the house with time on my hands, I think it's likely I'll put it into a ponytail and take a scissor to it. It's time is limited!

It seems I'm back.


  1. I swear, we must be long-lost twins. I couldn't take my hair any longer either, so I had it all chopped off yesterday. The lady that cut it asked, "Have you ever gone this short before?". At that point I just told her that it's just hair, and I don't really care how it turns out - just get it out of my way! Thank heavens "Bed Head" is fashionable.
    I'm so glad you are on the mend. I know how sore you are - even laparoscopic surgery cuts into your muscles and hurts like the dickens! Take care.

  2. When I stumbled upon your blog I felt a kindred spirit. Someone who removed an eyebrow from home brow-waxing seemed like someone I could relate to, other than I'd never have done the waxing to begin with!

    No offense intended, but you seem slightly warped, putting you right up my alley. : )

    I have a small group of friends here and they are all very nice and unusual in their own way, which makes this a fun thing for me to do.

    I'm itching to get back to work, so I need to behave myself so I can get to it without setting myself back. Who would think someone would want to get back to my job!

  3. Well, if you are so eager to get back, you must have carved out the right niche for your self: ) I am sure the sureness is a huge pain but hopefully it will get better soon! I have hacked off my hair twice both times when I was pregnant and just didn't want to 'deal' with it : ) Hope that your recovery keeps progressing well.


  4. Thanks Ashley. You must be right, I was destined to scoop poop and wasted all that time and money on an education! Kristina is a philosophy major (that's another story : ) ), so I've told her she ended up in the right spot because I am surely a renowned barn philosopher. Where else would she get a serving of Bertrand Russell AND stallion handling 101 to graduate level. I tell people when they ask, that I have a PHD in poopology.

  5. BTW, I loped off 6 inches of hair. It's still too long, but it's much better.

  6. I know what you mean about seeing the old crone in the mirror. Well Sandra, you were sick, so you have that excuse!
    I decided to grow out my hair and find it easier to get up and go, versus shorter hair that needed to be washed daily and styled (the way my hair is).It has been a year now since I cut my bangs. Someday I'll get sick of it and chop chop off it will go.
    I save lots by getting my color done at the beauty school, but it is time consuming and has to be maintained!
    Off to google "Bertrand Russell" now....

  7. At some time in the future you will have the pleasure and freedom of giving up the color. It was one of the most freeing things I did.

    There is something unappealing to me about a fat, short, gray haired woman whose hair is well below the shoulder blades. I looked like a crone because I looked like a crone. Being sick was exculpatory! I am old-school enough to have had it drilled into me that women of a 'certain age' shouldn't have hair like that. I now know there is a reason for that!

  8. Then, in regards to hair color, you have people like me, who really don't care what others think and quick and easy is the way to go. No color here - I would have to dye the roots weekly to keep up as my hair grows very quickly!

  9. You always look nice Beth. With a full-time job and two children, as well as the horses and dogs, I think you have your hands full.

  10. I am still in bondage to the coloring process. I am sure I will come to my senses one of these days. Sandra, your hair is awesome.

    Several years ago (BC--before coloring) I thought about growing my hair out long down my back one last time. Then I REALLY thought about it and decided that I would probably keep it back in a ponytail most of the time anyway. As our faces sag, the "powers that be" say our hair should be more "uplifting". So I have shorter hair that is generally plastered to my head anyway. Oh, well.

  11. Just let the color go, you won't believe the relief. I will say that I think it has added years to me, being gray. Gray hair in itself makes people think you are older, but color in the hair adds color to the face. Still not worth the effort, though.

    I cut 6 inches of the weed off and it's still below the shoulder blades. If I left it alone, I could be Rappunzel in no time! Last fall it was at my jaw line.


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