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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Give Me Some Respect

said Topper to Ben. My horses had been in for two days, but they went out yesterday pretty well. Topper is always a little bit like walking nitro, but he wasn't any more to handle then usual. Ben was already out and he was crowding the gate and wouldn't move. Mark shooed him away and Tops got into the pasture, but still on the lead when Ben decided to come up and stick his face into Toppers. Ever see the arched, puffed up balloon look? Combine that with both front feet pounding the ground and a dumb gelding not taking the not-so-subtle hint, you have me hanging onto a rocket ready to launch. Mark's trying to get Ben to move and he does a little. Topper stood straight up on an incline (I'm marveling at how he isn't falling backward!).  So, he adds the 'Fury" air paw just for effect as he stands there for what seemed forever, but was actually about 20 seconds. I got the halter off and washed my hands of it. Ben still was being too forward with Topper and turned and gave Tops a good kick, too much for a stallion to take, so Ben got his clock cleaned and then they were friends again. 

Sometimes I think about cutting Topper, but moments like this make me think about his masculinity and how proud he is. I can't picture this one as a gelding, he is THE STALLION on the farm. I believe he would live out his life in a state of depression.


  1. Goodness Gracious : )

    Looks like you guys have your hands full with this energetic bunch. I am pretty sure that the horses Sienna and I ride could not get on to two legs for 2 seconds much less 20! : )

    Thanks for sharing your interesting stories about your 'boys' : )


  2. Ashley, stallions are hormones encased in skin! I own three of them and they are three different personalities, but what they share is a higher energy and hormones!

    I sometimes get tired of dealing with it, but not enough to cut them They are so expressive and they connect with people on an entirely different level. It does seem silly to own three in such a bad horse market and to need to accommodate them and their special needs, but I continue on.

    Topper is very athletic and controlled in his movement, so standing up straight and pawing the air was a walk in the park for him. I was never in any trouble with him, I just needed to make sure he didn't get ahold of the rope as he played at 'wild stallion'!


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