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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Rainy Day, Another Loaf Of Bread

I decided to try my hand at bread again today, as it was rainy and I had some extra time. As I was starting the batter, my friend Jeni called about having lunch. I had to choose whether I would risk letting the bread rise too long or have lunch with my friend. I had the 'Northwoods Burger' : )

Letting it sit for an hour longer didn't seem to hurt it at all, it's very good. This is the same recipe as for the French bread, but I didn't make the rolled loaves. This time I used 4 cups of bread flour, 2 cups of whole wheat flour and 1 cup of oat bran. The bread isn't as dense as the first loaves and I can taste the oat bran. Overall, I think it is a success!

The biggest problem with this bread making thing is, my already over-expanded waistline is expanding more as I type. The bread, along with a discovery of wonderful ice cream close by, I'm turning into a beach ball with legs! My new mantra is, you're getting old, you're not cute anymore, enjoy. I hear in my ear, my mother saying, "What, you don't eat? Are you sick? There are children starving in China, so you eat." Okay.

Oh my id is a strange thing, isn't it. How did I get from making bread, to the 'starving children in China'? If you lived in this head, you would understand. ; )

Back to the bread, I'm enjoying the process and the results. I can't say how long I will be enthralled with this, but I'm enjoying the moment. Nuff said.


  1. Sandra,

    Your loaves look so nice. In Belgium they had some double round loaves like yours that they called basically Bosom Bread or something like that. Some of the bakeries made sure you didn't miss the connotation! : ) : )

    I am having the same problem!!!! I am baking a lot more lately and while I was never really tempted by the bags of dry oatmeal cookies that I bought at the store, my warm fragrant ones from the oven are irresistible: ) That goes for the bread too! I have been working on my own recipe for an egg rich whole wheat sliceable sandwich bread and yesterday's loaves were just right!! Unfortunately my family and I at an entire loaf in one day (lol) The kids want it for snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner (me too)!
    Well tonight is Pizza night not another promising opportunity for underindulgence : )

    Thanks for the oat bran idea,


  2. I love it, I made Bosom Bread! I don't know why, but bread intimidated me and it seems easy enough to make. I'm going to add ground flax the next time, along with some oat bran.
    We may have pizza tonight, as well. Depends on how beat I am after the day is done. It could be take-out pizza!

  3. God Bless Take out pizza every now and then! It has saved my life many many times!!!


  4. I didn't work as hard as I thought I would, so I will have the energy to make the 'Ashley Inspired Pizza'. Tomorrow will be back-breaking, so the remainder from tonight will be used tomorrow.

  5. Tonight is Pizza night for us too. I got in such a hurry I forgot to cook the zucchini so we are having Pizza Margarita : )

  6. I love Margarita pizza. I'm making it with bacon to sooth the Meat Eater. : ) I will be expecting him to work hard tomorrow.

  7. I'm going to try bread again this week. I think this will be try number 4 over the last year or so. I always kill the yeast somehow.

  8. Ashley is the expert on bread, but I think you can kill the yeast if the water is too hot. She may know of some other reason you are having a problem.
    The area you set the dough to rise should be warm. My house is on the cool side, so I turn the oven on low and have the dough on the stove top. Otherwise I don't think it would rise.


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