Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I have been watching movies the last couple of days. Beautifully crafted movies about strange, wonderful people, mostly women. I have spent most of my life in my own company or the company of men, with brief forays into the world of women. I always felt I was more suited to this style of living, as I never seemed to fit well in the world inhabited by femininity.
It has seemed to me that I am different, but I could never think I'm eccentric, because if you think you are eccentric, then you can't possibly be. Quite a conundrum. So, this leads me back to the movies. I know it's film, not reality, but I believe there is truth in fiction. I think I have missed something, not having a world that is inhabited by wonderful women, strong strange women. I have come to the realization I'm not different. I'm willing to place a bet that we, as women, all think ourselves strange, nonconforming creatures placed in a spot we need to make fit. And the wonder is, we do, we make it fit. Art is important, for it makes you think, reflect about yourself and your place. Beautiful films with odd characters leaving me with a sense of wonder and a little unease.
Life as I see it while I am stuck in the house. It's a good thing it's nearly over.


  1. Hi Sandra,

    I agree with your post totally. I have been blessed in my life to have many non-stereotype-girlie girl friends that loved adventure, conversation and being real with each other.

    I tried wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving earlier, but the lines were tied up and I could not post a comment. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Here is a sort of funny story. Sienna has just recently learned all 50 states and their location on the map. She was having some trouble with Minnesota so I said, "That is where Sandra lives." We have been trying to come up with pneumonic devices to help her remember the states. I asked her how that could help her remember the state. So she said, "I know, Sandra likes to drink mini sodas!" When she gets stuck on that one I say,"What does Sandra like to drink?" and she says,"Mini Sodas!"

    It has been so nice 'getting to know' you. : )

    bye bye


  2. That is just the way the Scandinavians say it!

    I thought of you and all of your friends and your mother as I was opining today. These movies put me in a pensive mood.

    It all made me think about the effect language and visual can have. I believe the current social mores are wrong, as art, music and theatre are cut from school curriculums because it's seen as an unnecessary expense. Or the cutting of public funding for the arts. These are the things that keep us human and as we lose them in our lives we become different.

    I know movies are still made, but not too many like these.

    I'm rather philosophical and a little bit pensive, I think. A direct result of spending too much time with nothing to do.

    I did make dinner and it wasn't up to snuff, so I guess I'm not myself yet, as I can do this meal with one hand tied behind my back. : )

  3. Please fill us in on some of the movies that you have watched that you would recommend!

  4. Movies I'm sure you've seen. I watched them on HBO and have seen a couple before, but they are wonderful sisterhood movies. "Fried Green Tomatoes', a great coming into your own tale. 'Making an American Quilt', made me wish I had female family. I also watched a couple of newer movies. I also watched a tender and quirky movie with John and Joan Cussack, 'Martian Child'. The relationship between these siblings always comes through. I also watched two Elizabeth I movies. 'Elizabeth, the Golden Years', was absolutely beautifully shot, with Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth. Then the HBO production of Elizabeth I, with Helen Mirren. Worth watching, but not nearly as good as the other.

    The two older movies really put me in a pensive mood, I have no real idea why. I will ease back into work tomorrow and I think that will be good!

  5. Jean, you also are lucky to be surrounded by a close-knit group of women. You have a family of unique females.


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