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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Last evening I made a pizza using Ashley's crust and sauce recipe. This is a very good crust and the sauce is wonderfully flavorful and light. I used pancetta, calamata olives, roma tomatoes and fresh basil for toppings. I sauteed some baby bellas and put those on half of the pizza (I don't like mushrooms, but Mark does) and I used fresh mozzarella. Ashley, this pizza was incredible and the sauce had a lot to do with it! I used a 50% mix of whole wheat and white flour for the crust and that was really good. This is well worth the little bit of time it took to make. Next time I would use regular bacon as opposed to pancetta. It was a waste of the pancetta, as the flavor was basically lost to the burst of flavor from the sauce.


  1. Oh Sandra that looks heavenly!!! I love olives and fresh mozzarella. The sauce is pretty flavorful to be sure : ) I have even just made it and simmered it and put it on spaghetti. Glad you had a good pizza night. For some reason it makes our dinner seem a little special when it is pizza. Probably because the kids are actually excited to stop playing and "Come eat!" : )

    bye for now,


  2. We had it for lunch just now and it was as good as I remembered. You are Mark's favorite person right now! The meat eater said the sauce is so good the pizza doesn't need meat. Holy Cow. : )

    He will have a meatless dinner tonight. I found an eggplant soup recipe that looks wonderful and I'm going to make it for tonight's dinner.

    I can taste that sauce over spaghetti and know that I will, now that you mentioned it.

    I told Mark that there are wonderful things about the internet, such as someone in Brazil with good food ideas. :)

  3. I am glad that he enjoyed it! Eggplant soup sounds yummy. I have to tell you the recipe for stuffed eggplant that I learned here in Brasil it is really good.
    I am not sure if you check Sienna's blog often but she just posted about our lastest horse event : ) You can see some pictures of the horses we are riding : )



  4. You give me your recipe, I'll give you mine. : )

    I looked at Sienna's blog. I'm glad to see she is back on an Arabian and that she is having FUN! You both look great, good job.


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