Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My View From The Kitchen

I feel a little like James Stewart in Rear Window! I have nothing that I can do and I'm becoming a bit stir crazy, so I spy on Topper and Ben. I can also spy on the 'babies' and Zing from my office. I wanted time, but I didn't want to do time.


  1. I hate the shut-up in the house feeling. Try and hang on for a few more days: ) i am sure your horses are worried about you and miss you too! : )


  2. I am sure it is a terrible feeling to HAVE to be confined to the house. But I would SO be popping in the movies and kicking back.

  3. I think I finally have this figured out now so I can post. Each time I have tried, Google argues with me about my password. I have to wait for them to send an email allowing me to reset my password. Then I try again. Then I give up. I now have the process mastered ---for today. Hopefully for good.

  4. Good, cause I've missed your input! I'm not sure the horses miss me, as they are getting their needs met and that's their concern. : ) I miss them though. You know if it weren't forced confinement I would so be enjoying myself. The lousy work ethic is getting in my way though, I keep feeling like a slacker!


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