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Friday, November 14, 2008

Photos By Shelley

Shelley took some photos this fall and they are beautiful. Anyone in the general area who is considering using a photographer should consider Shelley. She does portrait, weddings. graduation, equine. Ari is such a HAM. The Pinto is my ASB stallion, Solo. Zing was supposed to have his photos done, but he was a real naughty fellow, so not a chance! Kristina is beautiful, as always.
Click on Worlds End Farm. The code word is sandra


  1. simply gorgeous.
    what a beautiful place you have.
    i love how many trees there are. and such vibrant colors!
    thanks for sharing these.

  2. Hey Christy, I'm glad you got to look at the photos. Shelly does a wonderful job and Ari loves to mug for the camera.
    It is often pretty here, MN is a green state and the area I live in is rolling, with lots of lakes and trees. But if you look at the topic below, there is a BIG downside, all that MUD!!! Next in line are the winter shots, beautiful to look at, but often so cold you as a southerner would never be able to comprehend. I can comprehend it, but I can't always stand it!

  3. Those are amazing! The autumn leaves are fantastic.
    I can't wait to show these to Sienna : )


  4. Ashley, seeing Kristina riding Ari will give Sienna something to aspire to!

  5. Just beautiful! I will need to take time to savor those.


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