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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As everyone knows by now, America came to the plate and played ball yesterday. We all know how historic this is, how almost unbelievable it is. I remember in 2004 listening to him speak at the Democratic National Convention. It was a Thursday, so Mark wasn't home (tennis night). When he came home I excitedly told him I heard the next President of the US speak that night. I can't believe it turned out to be the case. I knew when Obama reached 200 electoral votes and I saw CA, OR and WA sitting out there on the west coast that we had a NEW President! I danced through the house with my cat Margaret. She was not amused, but I was elated. I think I saw ten years come off Marks face last night. The past eight have taken their toll, but now it's all about moving forward, for us personally and the nation as a whole.

Now I look forward to a healing of the country.


  1. I am so glad that we are not looking at 4 more years of the same: ) I am really looking forward to seeing what happens!


  2. This is a huge step to be taken in our country. I can't believe it happened in my lifetime.

    He has the worst job in the world, though. We will need to help get things done, because he can't do it alone.

  3. Last night I was reading in bed. I heard cheering, whistles, and fireworks. It was our neighborhood celebrating Obama's win. I am looking forward to seeing some changes.

  4. Me too! Kristina told me the town was celebrating. I often miss St. Paul., But I don't know where I would put all my horses. ; )


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