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Friday, November 28, 2008

Reentering Life

I am still sore, but I am losing the old lady shuffle, so I am better! I must confess that I am surprised at the time it has required to recover from this. I really thought 2 - 3 days and I'd be back at it, but my body wouldn't allow it. I guess it's a bigger deal than I gave it credit for being.
Tomorrow I plan to go out in the AM and water and also help in turnout, doing the same in the afternoon and help bring them in. Sunday I'll add some stall cleaning into it so I should be able to get back, with Deb's help, on Monday.
We have a lesson on Monday, so I need to get a little stamina going. Mark needs to get back to his own job if we are to have any income this coming month!

It's a beautiful day for late November. We have been granted a relatively mild fall, which is going into winter. I hope the next couple of days will remain mild as I reenter after a week of absence. In short order I will be lamenting the lack of time in my life and will have forgotten all about the week where I had nothing but time!


  1. Wow - I have not been on my computer for a couple weeks and look at what all goes on! I hope you are feeling better soon. We horse people really can't be laid up, can we!

  2. Welcome back! No, we really can't. It's not good for our well-being.

  3. Gosh, it hasn't even been a week has it?
    Take it easy.
    The trailering might be quite hard on you, but I think you said you keep it hooked up to your truck?
    Even fastening the rear door could be hard, but maybe you'll be up to it by Monday. Thats 3 days from now.

  4. Sandra, I remember feeling the same way after my appy. Again with the advice, don't over do, it will come back and bite you if you do. Some day I will write something other than "unsolicited" advice.

    Do take care and hope your recovery will be speedy and completed very soon.


  5. Sandra, and explanation of MeMe said comment. I'm at my parents house in Florida and am commenting from her computer. Sorry for the confusion.

    Dianne (Ash's Mom)

  6. Thanks for the advice. I will take it easy. It's been a week today and I am sore, but not nearly as much. I'll just do a little bit and definitely stop when I feel the need.
    My trailer isn't kept hitched to the truck, but Mark takes care of that. The problem will be loading Zing.


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