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Monday, November 3, 2008

Ashley's Pasta

OK readers, I made a pasta dish Ashley has on her cooking website. Penne Pasta with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. I changed it slightly by adding garlic, but that was all. Mr. Meat Eater loved it, so it was a success!

Mark has had two dinners in a row without meat. Saturday's dinner had almost no meat, so it counts for him! Tomorrow's Election Night Dinner will be braised short ribs, polenta and gravy. The man needs his fortification to get through the nail-biter of an evening.

I think the future starts tomorrow.


  1. Oh, those recipes look/sound so good!
    I have no energy to cook :-(

  2. I have to start making some more recipes on that website! : ) I have almost forgotten about it. In fact, it was a subscription so I am probably locked out of adding more stuff : ) Anyways I should just do some blog entries about a few recipes. Last night's Red Lentil Coconut Milk curry was great (at least to me : ) it is my own recipe and I think I finally got it just right.
    Next time I make it I will try and document it : )

    Glad you enjoyed! Isn't it the simplest pasta ever!


  3. Yes it is. My husband is old enough to be your father, so his love for you is purely paternal. : )

    Jean, the pasta is so simple it's hardly cooking. Other than boiling water for the penne, it's just quartering mozzarella balls, halving cherry tomatoes and pulling basil leaves from the stem. Toss all together with some olive oil. I added some garlic powder and grated some parmesan over it.

    You haven't been around for awhile. I thought I must be more boring than I think. : ) I wish I could have joined everyone on Sat., but work always gets in the way. I see you had quite the crowd.

    Susan thought maybe we can try for sometime in Jan.

  4. Ok - someone needs to tell me where to find these recipes, Like I need to be eating pasta - I'm down 20 lbs....You guys are making me hungry!!!

  5. Congratulations Beth! Pasta in moderation won't hurt your cause. Maybe Ashley will copy and paste her recipe here.

  6. The worst thing on the pizza (calorie-wise) is the fresh mozzarella. Substitute part-skim mozzarella and the pizza isn't high fat.

  7. Sandra, I didn't tempt you with the tack swap and lunch because it is the other end of the world from you. It was a nice day, though. I had a rental car last weekend, but
    I am laying low and kinda simmering because my truck is in the shop (day 10 today) and I have been driving Bill's van which is so humiliating and demeaning but at least it gets me to work. I am bummed because I am working extra days at work and instead of it being extra money for my horse fund, it will all go for truck repairs.

  8. Jean, I'd talked to Susan and thought I might go, even though it's a bit of a drive. In the end, with such nice weather and so much to do I decided I should stay home. Such is my life!
    You truck has been giving you a hard time. My truck was in the shop with an electrical problem a few weeks ago and it was a large bill I could have done without. At least you are earning the extra money you will need to pay for it. Think of it as paying for your horse fun, because you need it to do so much of the fun things you do. : )


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