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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Tale Of Zing & The Cavaletti, Or How The White Monster May Devour A Fine Steed

Howard watched with rapt interest as.....

Kristina and Zing approached the crouching beast laying in wait for the valiant young steed. Zing tentatively raised a foot, knowing he was entering a place filled with peril, but he could not falter in the presence of the lovely young maid.

We did it, two feet over the monster. And yet, still in one piece!

It's too dangerous to continue to risk the beloved Kristina, so the brave young steed crosses the monster alone. David was no more resolute as he faced down Goliath than the Arabian Warrior crossing the White Monster.

A new element added to the tale; the gentle maid places added danger upon our hero. Now he must carry her to safety.

Does she not know the monster is feigning peacefulness? The brave lad carries his beloved over the waiting beast of death, never faltering in his determination to protect her.

Finally, the maid has tired of tempting death and the handsome hero can carry her to safety.

He can show the monster the backside of himself whilst whisking her off.

He approaches the waiting army of White Monsters which play dead along the fence line, knowing they are likely to pounce at any minute. Fear not gentle maid.

A look about to ensure all is well.

Satisfied that the monster will not need to be slew today, our brave young stallion relaxes for a moment, contemplating the dangers he faced and overcame.

What treachery is this! A cold shower. The gentle maid knows our hero does not like his showers cold. Oh wicked lass.

A thought of retribution crosses his mind.

The young stallion got his revenge by not eating or drinking and worrying his people. This led to much attention and fussing over him (also led to some cold thing stuck in the fine steed's nether region!). After some fair amount of time where the wily young stallion was on the manicured lawn nibbling grass, he decided to let his personal assistant off the hook and drink his water and eat his hay. There was a sense of satisfaction that a price had been paid. Tribute as it were, and he is after all, a fair master of his people.

The End


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I have to say, I get a kick when the critters we love punish us by sulking and holding back. Where did they learn those oh-so-human responses? Hopefully it means the humans are more closely related to the 4 leggeds than many would have us think.

What a brave boy facing those white monsters!

Memories Of Mine said...

Ah beautiful and smart your Zing is.
Knowing how to get attention for sure.

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful :-) He is such a brave boy. Now does he see the stone and leaf monsters?

Ashley Dumas said...

What a nice fairy tale! : ) Zing looks a lot like the Arabian that Sienna is riding, Aladdin (pronounced in Brazil: Ah-La-Jeen ) I had some great photos and a video of her jumping 40 cm in her last 'prova' but they are on my old hard drive that won't let me access the pics!!Arrr! We have another 'prova' next Saturday so I will be sure to post pics. I think Aladdin is a little thinner than Zing but they really look a lot alike. At least to my amateur untrained eyes!!!! : )

Thanks for the bedtime (for me) story!

Sandra said...

Zing isn't quite sure what he is, as he is a human raised orphan. I believe he is all dork!

Zing is a smart horse, but I think he was simply tired and because he is my baby, I usually over react with him! He has Kristina wrapped around his hoofy also. She called from work later that day worried about him.

Zing doesn't normally see monsters, he is very brave. : ) But cavaletti are new to him and he was pretty sure they were not in his best interest.

Ashley, there was a Polish import named *Aladdinn. He was a US National Champion in halter and he sired hundreds of foals. There is definitely a 'look' to them. Zing's dam was an *Aladdinn granddaughter and I would bet the horse Sienna is riding is a *Aladdinn bred horse as well. Brazil imports US bloodstock, so Brazilian Arabians are the same bloodstock we have in the US. I'm glad she is still riding an Arabian, but it isn't a surprise, as the Brazilians value them.

Britwife said...

Great story! :) And what a brave young steed is your Zing!

Sandra said...

He is a manly man!

JeanRDH said...

And they lived happily ever after!

Sandra said...

We hope so!