Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

I'm a Medical Mystery Tour

It was COLD yesterday. It's still cold today, -9 F, but Monday was brittle. I didn't have much wood in the box and didn't want Mark hauling in wood in the brutal cold so I pulled my chair over to the pellet stove and spent the evening there. That was warm. Mark brought a dining chair over and we sat by that fire. It felt rustic. Even though it's a modern piece of equipment.

I had a video consult Monday afternoon with my new primary, a Nurse Practitioner. She has the lovely lilting accent of the Caribbean. I like her. She said I am a medical mystery, that all the labs show me to be in excellent health. Then she said, we are not treating labs, we are treating a person. I felt a surge of love for this woman. She is going to order an x-ray of my lungs and also ask for an endocrinology consult. The other primary refused to refer me to endo. I have hope.

I made the best ribs and roasted potatoes last evening. Maybe it seemed better than usual because I had a more positive attitude, but that was sure a good meal! Tonight I think I'll make pizza. If someone actually listening to me makes me feel this positive, look out if something is done for me. Oh, Baby!

That's the news. I didn't get my laundry finished yesterday so it moves over into today. I'm listening to Stephen King's recent book, Billy Summers. I like Stephen King. I remember the first book I read by him, Salems Lot. I was living in an apartment with my toddler and it scared the bejesus out of me! I have continued reading his books through the years. I have another book that came available after a several months wait, If God Was A Rabbit, by Sarah Winman. I've read several of her books and like her writing. It's a little tidying and such this morning and an afternoon with a book. Not bad. 

Monday, January 30, 2023

Be Like Frieda

No worries here. -16 F? Big Deal. All that noise crashing around in the two-leggers heads? So What. Frieda has for herself a warm fire, a soft throw on an ottoman, a full dish of food and water and an upright (sort of) Homo sapien on a figurative lease to do her bidding. Who is the higher life form?


Sunday, January 29, 2023

The Orange Ones

A cat and his dog.

Gatto is attached to Keetah. Right from the start, he never saw her as a threat. He spends a lot of his day laying on the floor next to her.

It's currently -9 F. It probably won't get above zero today. I have leftover soup so I don't need to come up with lunch. I don't mind that. The equines are staying in the barn today, mainly to keep the water buckets from freezing.

The boy above is Crabby Tabby, perhaps the one and only orange tabby without the over-friendly gene. He was a kitten in this photo. He and the other three, Mona, Blackie and Jiggs were born in the barn in 2015. Jiggs now is a full-time house cat due to the loss of a front leg. Blackie and Tabs used to be part-timers until Keetah came here. They do not like her. Mona never wanted to come inside.

This tabby, Murphy, showed up in the winter of 2012. He definitely has the friendly gene. I had an old house cat at the time who got along very well with dogs but would not tolerate another cat in her house. I ended up neutering him and giving him to my mother. He was Keetah's buddy who now lives with my son and their other cat, Twinks. 

I'm a cat lady. OMG.

Saturday, January 28, 2023


It's currently 3 degrees F. An excellent day for soup.

I had a productive morning. I baked the bread dough I made yesterday and I made soup. It has been so long since I've made a white loaf of bread it looks wrong. Mark is supposed to be careful with how much fiber he gets and as you can see, there are beans in the soup, so I made a loaf of white bread. My contribution to the cause. I used fennel stems in the soup in place of celery, that was really good. Soup and sub-zero weather, like a hand and glove. 

I am feeling mentally better, even if not physically. Taking charge of myself, changing my primary, has perked me up. It feels good to feel good! 

I have a big mess to take care of in the kitchen. I am a messy cook, nothing like the professional son. He cleans as he goes, I pile things up. I think it's unlikely I'll change at this stage of life. It looks like a kitchen disaster happened. I need to clean up before I start it all over again with dinner. Stay warm, eat soup. Ciao 

Friday, January 27, 2023

Frieda Monster

Demonic Frieda

 I think all those prey animals I saved from Frieda when she moved into the house should send me flowers.

It has been several busy days. I didn't get to any blogs yesterday, by afternoon I was knackered. Matthew brought fried chicken and a couple of salads for lunch. It was all delicious and very nice to see him. He seems content with his life at this time and that is good. He is a cat guy and spent a lot of time with Gatto. The other two don't come out for strangers. Gatto was in his lap within minutes. 

We have a couple of weeks that will be cold. We've gotten off easy until now. I guess we are due. I'm going to make smoked ham shank soup and maybe some bread. I have a video appointment with a Nurse Practitioner Monday afternoon and an appointment for two back-to-back MRIs ordered by the neurologist in February. Otherwise, all things remain the same. Mark is more than halfway through radiology and is doing remarkably well. He bought a Powerball ticket on his way home, maybe this will be his lucky ticket. Uh-Huh.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

My son sent me a text yesterday saying he's on PTO this week and would like to bring lunch today. So that is happening. Mark says, and I agree, he is worried about my condition. 

I was able to find a NP yesterday that I could make a video appointment with on the 30th. In the notes I wrote I want to change my primary. I need to let the neurologist know so he can give her whatever information he thinks relevant. 

So, that's the medical front. I need to spend some time cleaning up a little. Keetah just keeps dropping hair with no consideration for my waning condition. With only two of us, nothing gets particularly messy, but it sure gets dusty and dog-hairy. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

My Misfits order came this morning.

A dozen eggs for $3.00. Holy Wow!

Finally. Finally. Fennel. It's worth the wait. I got these beauties for just under $15.00, $3.69 each. At my local grocer they are $8.00/pound. Happy Day! Chard, eggplant and zucchini. Looks mighty healthy.

We had the Culligan Man out this morning, also. He needed to change filters and do whatever else they do with the filtration system once a year. He's a really nice guy, Keetah and Gatto liked him. His daughter has a dog named Keetah. My Keets came with the name, but Culligan Man said it is an old Viking word. Who knew? Not me!

I saw the neurologist yesterday. He was an attentive man who seemed concerned. He also doesn't think my problems are neurological. He said he was going to address some issues with my primary. He did, because about an hour after I got home I received a call from her nurse to schedule an appointment. I told the doctor I may change primary to a NP, he said if I do let him know and he'll send information to her. He has ordered an MRI of my upper back. The lower lumbar was done in 2021. Maybe he can get this ball rolling.

That's life in the frozen Northland, at least for me. Mark is using today for errands. We are in for some subzero weather into February, so today looks like the day to get things done. Ciao

Monday, January 23, 2023

Why Not?

I spent two hours of my morning mindlessly watching a Randolph Scott western on Grit TV. It seems it's Randy's birthday today and he is featured all day. The question is, what has happened to my life?

So, at 11:00 central time I got away from the tv and started the laundry. Again, what has happened to my life? I guess I shouldn't complain, but what the heck, it's a Monday and why not? In reality, if the pain were removed it would be a rather good life, having the luxury of frittering away two hours watching an old western, nothing tugging at me, nothing needing doing that cannot wait. Ok, never mind!

It had been foggy yesterday and then went into the low single digits overnight, giving us beautiful hoar frost this morning. That is a silver lining accompanying the cold. We are in for a couple of weeks of cold temperatures if the extended forecast is correct. It's been an easy winter, for the most part. No complaints. 

Winter is often beautiful. It's also brutal at times. It's easy for me to romanticize winter since I don't spend much time in it anymore. But, truthfully, I like winter. The horses are fine during winter, it's the summer heat and humidity that is hard on them. They grow thick coats, plant their muzzles in hay, back to any wind and eat. All day. 

Let us all put our backs to the wind, enjoy the moment, but leave the hay to the horses. Well, make hay if you are able!

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Sunday Morning

no one can deny
even though one may try
he is the cat guy

Gatto took a leap at Mark from a kitchen chair, landing like a cartoon cat splatted against a wall, on Mark's torso. Claws dug in. He'd been trying to get his attention and didn't. Gatto wanted to be picked up and held, so like any self-respecting narcissistic feline, he took the situation into his own claws. After being unceremoniously put on the ground by a man yelping in pain, he got what he wanted. Don't they always?

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Yes, It Comes Down to Fennel

Chicken and dumpling soup for lunch.

I nearly gave myself frostbite by peeling partially frozen tomatoes.

After a long dry spell Misfits Market finally had fennel in stock. They have the best price by a lot, so I've been hoping to see it on the site. I ended up spending more money than I intended so I could have fennel. I had to go to the cold pack to get enough for them to ship. My friend, Boud, knows what I'm talking about. It's ok, everything I got I may not have needed but will certainly use. A chicken roasted with fennel is in my future.

I think I'll light a fire in the snug, settle in with my book and forget about all the work piled up waiting for my attention. I'm the only one who notices. Mark, Keetah, Jiggy, Frieda and now Gatto, do not care. As long as they all get food, they are happy. Not a bad way to be. Ciao

Friday, January 20, 2023

Those Were the Days

I was sitting at my desk, feeling morose and scrolling through photos. I came upon this and for whatever reason, perked up. I think this was third grade. I am the little girl on the top row, third from the right. The blond girl third from the left was my neighbor across the street and the girl bottom row second from the left was also from the neighborhood and my best friend all the way through high school. How were we so young? 

I had an appointment with the neurologist set for 2/1. This morning I got a call asking if I wanted a cancellation spot for next Tuesday? YES!! Now that I've made myself feel a little better I think I'll try to do something today besides mope. Be warm. Ciao

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Tri-Pod Kitty in Light

Study Of Cat Staring Out Window

 Where my motivation level has been.

We have been eating a lot of pasta lately. I plan on one thing, lose my oomph, and we end up with pasta. At least it's not frozen pizza. I have my video doctor appointment this afternoon. I plan to ask him if he would be interested in some background info on me. Instead of jumping right into symptoms. We know impressions are formed within seconds, which lead to a bias of one form or another. I think it's important they have some understanding of the person they are supposed to be helping through diagnosis. I've never had a doctor ask me anything about myself, other than why I am there. What's he going to say, no? If so then I know it's a waste of time and just do the perfunctory.

I wonder, when you read the after visit notes do they include whether or not you appeared well-groomed, could speak clearly, seemed aware of your environment, etc. The first time I saw that it seemed condescending. I suppose it's age, but still.....maybe I should write after visit summaries as well. 

Okie-dokie. I'm going into grumbleland. I believe one more cup of coffee is in order, then make sure I'm fit for public viewing. I will try to visit later today. Ciao

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Golden Deliciousness

A loaf of Einkorn bread.

The flour makes a golden yellow bread that is so pretty! And really good. I first started using it when I thought I was probably gluten intolerant. For many people sensitive to gluten the ancient grains don't cause a problem. It turns out I was in fact not gluten intolerant. The beneficial flora in my gut was nonexistent. Years of antibiotics and decades of well water in a farming community had caused damage. The first step was a reverse osmosis water filtering system. The osteopathic doctor I was seeing also put me on enzymes to encourage bacterial growth. Also, fermented foods. I did get better. Dr. Wand retired a year after I started seeing him. I don't think I was the cause of his retirement.

I've started reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I know there was a movie made. I have not seen it. I'm only a couple of chapters in but so far, so good. I scroll through what's available until I find something I may like when I'm waiting for a hold to come available.

I'm fully caffeinated and ready (ha!) to get to it. Ciao

Tuesday, January 17, 2023


I have a brand new do. Yesterday I took the clipper, put a guard on the blade and cut my remaining hair very short. I have always bounced between long and short hair. I liken my hair to a weed. It grows fast, which is why having it colored didn't work. I had nearly black hair and couldn't have it lighter, it looked awful with my olive skin tone. I know, I tried. With hair that is very fast growing I ended up with a skunk stripe within two weeks, tops. My hair before the great fallout was past the clavicle, now I look more like Jim Bob Walton. Only grey. 

Gatto gets the snip snip on Valentines day. It cannot come soon enough. He spends the entire night loudly singing the song of his people. Hopefully, removing his parts will stop his nighttime arias. Keetah gave him a lesson he seems to have taken to heart yesterday. He crawls into her dish while she eats. She gives a low growl and I remove him. Then I started standing guard to keep him out. I forgot and left the room, only to hear a sharp snarl. When I came into the kitchen he was across the room grooming himself. This morning he stayed away. Sometimes it's best to let them do the teaching.

If anyone has any book recommendations I'm looking for a new read. I have Prince Harry's book on hold but it's a couple months out. Mark has been handling radiation well. He likes going there. They are all young women, very friendly and upbeat. I think he will miss the daily interaction with smiling young women. 

Today. Today I will make bread. I think an einkorn sandwich loaf. I let that flour sit too long so I'm not sure about it, but I'll try. I can't believe I did that, einkorn is expensive. Speaking of expensive, I ordered Minnesota wild rice. Wild rice has never been inexpensive, but this halted my breath for a minute. Growing up here, it was a staple in my life, mostly because my father really, really liked it. I was surprised when I lived in Georgia that they had no idea what it is. It used to be, by treaty, a crop grown by the native people, until, I think, Bill Clinton's administration. I only buy wild rice grown by indigenous people. We do what we can do.

I did ramble on. Incase no one notices, I do that. I guess it's my daily exercising of my remaining grey matter. Do what you can do. Ciao 

Monday, January 16, 2023


It seems Gatto has a twin. Yesterday afternoon I saw a cat looking in the French doors and got confused. How did he get outside? Then I see Gatto laying in the chair he has claimed as his own. I looked from him to this other cat, mirror images. The cat jumped off the veranda and left. I felt a pang as he did. These two DO NOT want another one disturbing their ordered lives

Reading this latest book has given me some guidelines for my appointment with a neurologist. I will stick to a couple of issues. The author points out, and I have certainly been experiencing, if you give too much information they tune out. I will stick with my tremors, lack of balance and leg pain. Of course, extreme fatigue and sweating will need to be addressed. That already sounds like a lot! He'll be able to see I've lost my hair. Can you believe the primary said maybe I should see a dermatologist when I brought up hair loss last month? Don't take the symptoms I've been talking about for a couple of years and think, hmmmm, what is going on here? Anyway, here's hoping.

It's raining and making a mess. The horses are staying in the barn today, it's just too yucky outside. I got neither soup nor bread made yesterday, I'll try for today. My, oh, my. I do the curmudgeon well, don't I. If you are going to do something, do it well. Ciao.

Sunday, January 15, 2023


I got around to using the apples before they went over, making a galette.

I have mostly made the crust with einkorn flour, a mix of the whole grain and white, which makes a more rustic crust. This time I used 50/50 white whole wheat and all purpose. A much more flakey, delicate crust. No complaints! I rarely make a dessert. I must say, we enjoyed it. 


The intention was to sear tuna for dinner but I wasn't up to it. I thawed some dehydrated tomatoes and made an egg bake instead. Thanks, Val, for putting me onto dehydration, it worked perfect with the eggs.

It's 32 F, which is fine, except we are supposed to have overnight rain. It creates so much havoc. Years ago we had a pole barn roof collapse from a night of wet snow, rain and then snow again. I had three pregnant mares in there, one got trapped under part of the roof. We had the volunteer fire department here working on getting her free for what seemed like hours. It was a harrowing experience. I won't go into detail, just that they all survived. I ended up on the news that evening because a news crew heard about it on their shortwave radio and came to interview me. The mares were out of there by then. Lots of people called, mostly to comment on how calm I was. Let me tell you, before my brain injury, I was very good in high stress situations! Anyway, I digressed. I do not like above freezing weather until April!

I think I'll make some soup, clean up the tremendous mess I have in the kitchen (I am not a tidy cook or baker) and mix some bread dough to ferment. If I get one of those done it will be a whoopee. The one must be cleanup. I'll check in with you all later today, I must get something done. Ciao.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Kitty Cats

There is a very good reason why Frieda and I get along so well.
We both have a perfect resting bitch face.

These two were doing the pat pat pitty pat. Until I aimed the phone at them. Then just a couple of sweet little girls looking out the window. Put the phone away. pat pat pitty pat resumed.

Of course, it wouldn't seem right without a food photo. I did make pizza dough and followed through with pizza. I had prosciutto and kalamatas, one of my favorite combinations. I intended to use artichoke hearts but forgot. It was good, even if I say so myself.

The day is starting out at zero but is going to warm to about 30 F. We are in for a warm spell for at least a week. No complaints. I have intended to make an apple galette for a couple of weeks. Judging by the look of the apples I think I will need to muster the energy today. If I let them spoil Mark will let out the cry heard round the world. 

I finished The Trump Tapes and will start The Invisible Kingdom by Meghan O'Rourke per recommendation of Pixie. 37paddington recommended Spare, the Prince Harry book, in a post a few days ago, so I have that on hold with the library. Blogland has led me to many good reads. I thank you for that, my days get long.

That's it from here. Stay warm. Ciao.

Friday, January 13, 2023

Bones. Bits. Coffee.

I received a gift yesterday from my son and his wife for my birthday.

I have an insulated stainless steel pot that I've had for most of Matthew's life. I prefer pour-over coffee. Matthew told me he thought maybe I  could use something a bit more 'cool' so he sent me this, along with some coffee and !nine! bars of various dark chocolate. This was a pleasant surprise.

I made stock with the duck bones and vegetable bits. 

I made a six pound pork roast a few days ago. Even with the bone, that's a lot. I used some of it in this improvised version of mac & cheese. Gruyere and Parmesan. The rest of the roast went into the freezer.  Mark called from the clinic. He wanted to inform me he is picking up the winning lottery ticket on his way home. Good man!

I believe it will be pizza tonight, so dough making needs to happen Maybe some bread dough, too. Oh! I fixed the toaster, I'm turning into a regular fixit. The lever wouldn't stay down, I watched a YouTube video....I got it to work. Yay, me! A dishwasher and now a toaster. I missed my calling.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Not Title Worthy

Leftover duck turned into a pasta for last evenings dinner.

I'm a bit blue this morning. My lower back is spasming and it's hard to feel anything but unhappy about that. Mark has gone for radiation so it's just me and the four-leggers for awhile. One of those four-leggers won't stop barking.🤷🏻‍♀️

I'm halfway through Bob Woodward's book. I have no words. I understand his disorder, my mother was DT before DT was born. What I don't understand is the people around him and the ardent base. It's all right there. Just look. But then Kate had that, too. Just much smaller and less destructive on the large scale. Not on the small one. Ah, well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Good Time

I took the day off from electronics, other than listening to a book.
I tipped my glass and sang the Beatles song to myself, "you say it's your birthday, happy birthday to you now".

The weather was temperate so I lit a fire in the Bat Cave where Keetah, Gatto and I comfortably lazed while Mark finished with the horses. I made duck and roasted asparagus, we toasted me, then us and enjoyed dinner. I didn't even take a photo. My son called late afternoon, we talked for forty-five minutes, which was really nice. I told my internet friend in Iowa it was my birthday so he amused me throughout the day with funny gifs. I read your birthday wishes and appreciate you all. 


I have placed the book you recommended, Pixie, on hold at the library. I sent the pedigrees again, Marlane. I wasn't intending to listen to Bob Woodward's audiobook, The Trump Tapes, but I saw someone's opinion on it and decided to give it a try. Woodward starts by saying these interviews were for the last book, Rage. He listened to them again after the book came out and realized the printed word isn't enough, you need to hear this guy. OMG. I will never fully understand the draw. Hate and fear are a powerful drug.

Anyway....we had sleet overnight. Yippee. The horses need to stay in the barn as it's so slippery. Mark rescheduled for later this afternoon with radiology. Hopefully the roads will improve by then. I'm going to use the remaining half duck breast for a pasta dish tonight, keeping it easy. Let's keep on keeping on.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Cats. Dogs. Birthday.

My Brat Cat

Never in my life did I think I would have a cat perch in my living room. It was this little girl who forced me into it. She was a dervish. She's still a handful. She always looks as if she is contemplating making me into dinner.

Mark made it down safely from the roof. He didn't finish but he did decide today would be office work. Good man. I probably won't be blog visiting today. I'm going to attempt some more cleaning and then dinner prep because......

......today is my birthday! I'm normally not all that interested in my birthday. I think feeling unwell, having a husband with cancer and being a card holding member of the senior society has made me more appreciative of my blessings. 

My German Shedder is living up to the name. Thanks for the name, Pixie. I would like her hair removed from the surfaces, both vertical and horizontal before we sit down to dinner. She's a great dog, but man-o-man, does she shed!

Tip a glass for me.


Monday, January 9, 2023


This is a Romertopf, what I call a clay cooker. The pot I was given is stamped Made in East Germany, so it's been around awhile.

Once I learned how to use it, it became a valued essential. The whole pot needs to be soaked in water for at least thirty minutes. It goes into a cold oven which is the set to 400-425 F and is in the oven, in the case of my pork roast, four hours. I put onions and about a cup of white wine in with the roast.

I made lentils and pork for lunch yesterday. It will be lunch again today. I made a lot. We had a slice of the caraway rye with it. A perfect combination. It turns out son's wife really likes my fermented pickles so I have someone to give part of the huge stash I have, thanks to Bill loading me up with pickling dills over the summer. We like them, too, but about twenty quarts is kind of a lot.

It was 3 F this morning but it's going to reach 31 F. The weather will be moderate all week. A pleasant break in our generally coldest month. Mark has been removing snow from the roof, both from the ground and on the roof. I don't like it, but it has to be done and he's going to do it. He got half done yesterday and plans to finish today. He's rather pleased he can still do these things. I worry he's going to fall. He came home twenty minutes ago from radiation and is outside taking snow from the roof. He hasn't found out he's getting to be an old man yet. If I'm honest, I'm glad, even though I don't like the risks he will take. 

I, on the other hand, am keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground, doing my Monday task of laundry. Woo-hoo. We took the laundry out of the basement twenty years ago and it's a really good thing we did, considering the state of my mobility. That would be another task loaded onto Mark's shoulders. Anyway....I'm caffeinated and ready, if not to rock, then at least to roll into my day. Ciao.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Hay. Snow. Soup.

Someone needs his beard trimmed. Is that the face of an accountant? Lately he's been more of a stablehand.
It does help keep his face warm.

Equines with fresh bales of hay. Instead of that home in the South of France, I have hay burners.

 This is a winter scene if ever there was one. 

I had said in comments that I would do a quick recap of our medical issues for those who don't know. I do bring it up enough! Mark was diagnosed with melanoma last summer and had two areas on his left arm excised, one very large. That, for the moment, is not a problem. He was then diagnosed with prostate cancer in October of 2022. He has started radiation this month for treatment of the cancer. It will go on for six weeks. I have been in a deteriorating condition for three years. I realize it started four years ago, but it wasn't enough to get my attention. I finally got some notice from my primary after collapsing on the back deck like a faint, but not a faint. I did not lose consciousness, I just collapsed, falling face down, breaking my nose. That's when I finally got a medical referral. Of course, appointments are out several months. I could get an in-person at the end of April or a video January 19. I took the video. I won't go into more detail, but I am not in functioning shape. Oh, and Mark knows I bring up his condition and is fine with that.

I did make caraway rye bread yesterday and it turned out very well. Have any of you used a clay pot cooker? I was given one in the early '80s and really didn't know what to do with it. Several years ago a friend told me how to use it and I have found it great for pork roasts. I made a six pound roast for dinner yesterday using it and it turned out moist. Pork roasts are notoriously known for being dry. Some of the roast will end up in lentil soup today. 

It's currently 4 F and heading into double digits. We will be around 30 F for the rest of the week. A nice break from usual January weather. No significant snow in the forecast, so no need to worry about trucks getting stuck! Remember the Rocky and Bullwinkle show? Frostbite Falls? That was based on International Falls, commonly known as "the icebox of the nation". Fortunately, I live in the balmy southern portion of the state!

I think I'll go make that soup for lunch. Pork and lentil soup, fresh rye bread, I don't think I could ask for more.

Saturday, January 7, 2023


It was just above freezing Thursday so we had some melting. Then we went below zero. It's -7 F at the moment. The melt/freeze gave us icicles.

Bill's brother, Jim, is here with his big tractor putting round bales into the paddocks for the horses. This needs to be done every couple of weeks. He gets to use my now unused indoor arena as a machine shed in return. Works out for both of us. 

Gatto Report

He moved in like he owned the joint. He is so relaxed about everything. Frieda decided she didn't like him and now she's reconsidering, as long as he knows what's what. She has played with him a couple of times. He isn't sure about that. She can be crabby.

I plan (ha! we know how that usually works out) to make rye bread today and if my body can take it,  an apple galette. I bought apples awhile ago for that and I need to get to it before they spoil. I've got my birthday duck thawing. I usually make a yellow cake with boiled chocolate frosting for my birthday but I don't see that happening. I have a video appointment with a neurologist on the nineteenth. Hopefully I get somewhere with this. It's been three years, I think that''s long enough for proper ignoring. Time to try.

It's a cold, sunny, pretty day. A perfect day to have the oven on. Stay warm.

Friday, January 6, 2023


Not quite Currier & Ives. It would need to be undisturbed.

Mark spent all day either getting a truck unstuck or finishing the plowing. The horses didn't get out until noon. They were rockin' and rollin'!

It's pretty out there. It's even prettier today as the moisture of yesterday's mild weather froze into hoar frost with single digit temperatures overnight.

Mark did get hot soup for lunch. He had two bowls! Over the years he has learned to appreciate soup. He found he wasn't going to change my soup making ways so he might as well change his mind about soup not being food. Weirdo.

I have two separate deliveries coming today; Costco and Chewy. There shouldn't be any trouble. I do most shopping online. I order from Aldi and then pick it up. Mark will be getting the Aldi order today after radiation. He drives past the store on the way to the clinic. It's a great service, especially for people like me with limited mobility.

That's the weather and food report. No cats or dogs today. 

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Stuck Truck

What has been happening over the past hour.

I buy bedding for the stalls in bulk. I had postponed yesterday's delivery to today so we could plow. The driver slid to the side of the driveway that slopes. Stuck. Bill's nephew lives down the hill from us and owns an excavating business. He is here right now working on getting the truck unstuck. Mark was just leaving for his radiation when this happened, he postponed it to later today. The horses aren't out yet, that will be a rodeo! Yep, the joys of country living.

Okay, forty-five minutes later from when I started writing this, the truck unloaded the bedding and has pulled out. I am so happy to know Bill and his family. Someone(s) deserves a fruit basket. It's been a long time since anyone has been stuck.

Back to the mundane. I made stock yesterday with a ham bone. I have a pot of sausage and garbanzo bean soup simmering. Mark will need something hot when he finally gets inside. He's getting snow cleared from in front of the barn so he can get the horses out. It's almost 11:00 and they are still in the barn. Yes, we had a lot of snow and it's heavy and packed. It is beautiful. I don't think Mark is seeing any beauty at the moment. It is frustrating that I cannot help. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Snow. Bourbon.

Mark came home from treatment yesterday and plopped these two items on the table. They may seem complete opposites of one another, but to Mark, they are both life sustaining. He wouldn't want a world without milk and although he wouldn't go that far where the bourbon is concerned....well, he wouldn't be pleased. We have a decades long, I'll call it tradition, of cocktail hour before dinner. He has a bourbon on rocks and I have a glass of red wine. It's the act itself, the unwinding from what used to be long days, catching up in conversation. Our lives have changed, but the habit has not. I, especially, am a person of routine.

Another sustenance of our lives have been dogs. We had, for the first several years here, seven large dogs. Three moved with us, two were left by the prior owner and two others were dogs needing a home that I could give them. Snow puppy is perhaps the last we will have. Unless something happens which lands another one with us. 

Of course, the one thing that is universal: food! I haven't felt like cooking lately. Every meal has been quick and simple. They don't need to look that way to be that. Steaming fish in olive oil and butter is so simple. I put the fennel frond pesto on the fish, put the asparagus in with the fish and pop it in the oven for twenty minutes. Viola! Frozen ravioli and some cheese and it's dinner. Under thirty minutes, no fuss, no muss.

On the weather front. My weather app tells me we've had thirty inches of snow in the past twenty-four hours. Parts of the state, including some in the Twin Cities, had rain mixed with snow. We got all snow, but it is wet and heavy. It's still snowing and is supposed to do so all day and night. Mark didn't go for radiation this morning. The truck may have made it out, but the weather conditions aren't good for driving. I delayed the delivery of horse bedding until tomorrow and I don't expect my Costco order until at least Friday.

So ends today's tales of a housebound cat lady in Minnesota.