Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Well

It's a windy and rainy day in the northland. I thought a lovely bouquet of tulips are in order.

I have not been very active lately. I will admit I am not feeling well. More than the bad cold I have had. Fortunately, I live in America where we have the best healthcare money can buy. Which is why I have held off going to the doctor, because money is the key component in our remarkably ignorant system.

I will need to part with some of our dearly earned and dwindling greenbacks. You know, I live so close to Canada that I wonder if I could get an honorary citizenship. I'll behave. I won't pollute your civil society with a rugged individualism myth or assail your ears with fear, freedom and talk of the marketplace taking care of everything. I'll quietly sip my tea and be grateful.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is This What We Have Come To?

Due to a Supreme Court ruling in February, corporations have the right to free speech, meaning they may funnel as much money into the political forum as they see fit and they may do it anonymously. This group got an amendment on the Colorado ballot essentially banning all abortions. No one will know who is funding this.

This is not about abortion, but rather how far we have gone, becoming increasingly extreme not only in our views, but in our expression of said views. This is the sitting President of the United States. I was taught to respect the office, if not always the holder of the title. Obviously there are no lines which cannot be crossed. And just as obvious, it seems there are no limits to the number of people willing to cross them.

I fear for us. I really do.

Pay attention the quote by Jefferson. Funny how the living, breathing life, the life which has been born holds no meaning to these very same people.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Note

Some people put all of their ducks in a row.
It seems I put all of my plants in a row.

This is the view I saw the other day as I lay in my chair suffering the insult of a very bad cold. Of course the weather has been gorgeous while I have been miserable. Not fair.

Anyway, this is a note to say I am still alive. I'm slowly getting better, but I don't have much energy. It really is amazing how a 'simple' cold can put a person off their feet.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunshine, Soup & Sneezy

Mark and I are both under-the-weather.
Shelley Paulson Photo

It hardly seems fair. We are having absolutely beautiful fall days and we are both down for the count. We generally have better timing; he gets sick, then I get sick. Never at the same time. It makes for nothing getting done. I would not want anyone looking into my barn right now. A poor opinion of my horse-keeping would be had. Not to be helped, though. I'm now old enough to know better. The work will keep. I need to lay low so I can get back on my feet sooner. No more, the days of dragging myself along by the self-placed ring in my nose, valiantly attempting to do too much and only succeeding in prolonging my misery.

I have a stock pot of chicken wings on the stove which will eventually become chicken soup, my cure for all that ails me. Other than that and the basics for the beasties, I am taking to my recliner with some chamomile tea and remaining there for the day.

I will return to my bright, cheery self ☼ soon, I'm sure. But for now it will be a box of kleenex and a droopy me. And a beautiful day taunting me through the window glass.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Howard's Perspective

Howard leads a very hard life.
Don't tell anyone.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Than Scrambled Eggs

I'm going to try a new weekly feature.
I received this book as a gift the year it was first published, 1991. I have used it as a reference over the years, but I never actually used it as a learning tool. This is the first entirely English language cookbook published by Le Cordon Bleu. There are over 100 recipes and very detailed instruction.

I am not going to try to duplicate what Julie of Julie & Julia did on her blog, heaven forbid. I don't have the time, energy or interest for that. I simply thought it might be fun to prepare one of the menus once a week. I thought I would arbitrarily pick by opening a page. I would then post the results here. My intention is to cook on Sunday, but my life does not usually follow routine, so this may not always be possible. But I will try.

So with a tip of the hat to my Cordon Bleu trained friend Allegra, and to Elizabeth who is also trained and is married to a chef, I will bring the total amateur's approach and attempt to food preparation via the French method.

I have chosen my first menu, which is considered intermediate. It isn't too complicated. I think this is a good thing!

Here is to fabulous food and the fun of preparing it. I hope.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What We Really Are

This is the real face of America.
Photo:  Michael Reynolds

Yesterday there was a march on Washington by a group called "One Nation Working Together". This was organized by a coalition of groups ranging from labor to civil rights.

This photo is starkly different from the images put in front of us, seemingly daily, of the supposed overwhelmingly powerful Tea Party. This is the real America. This is what scares the bejesus out of the "take our country back" crowd. An America that is diverse. And engaged.

I really wanted to go. The local progressive radio station chartered busses and set up packages including a hotel. I could not find anyone to travel with me, so in the end I stayed home and watched on C-Span. There is nothing more lonely than being alone in a crowd.

What I want to say is, take heart my fellow sane and reasonable Americans. We outnumber them. We simply need to engage ourselves and not give up. We cannot give up, for what will be fraught upon us if we do will be terrible. We have seen behind the curtain and what we saw is horrible. Let us not go there. Please. Get up.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Smell of Smoke, Crunch of Leaves

Hello October
 Where did you come from?

What happened to September? It seems I went to bed on August 31st and woke up on October 1st. Where did the time go? I think perhaps I live in a black hole and it periodically eats my time. That must be it.

This is our easing into it month. The between time. Buffering for a moment the long stretch ahead. The frozen time. Like the squirrels, we start to gather and store for the time ahead of us. We are not so far removed from our beginning, our bodies tell us to store calories to ensure our survival over the frozen days; the urge is strong and deeply rooted in our northern DNA. I find comfort in this. It is my location in life which has helped get me to my plump self. That must be it.

So it starts. The maple trees are ablaze with their fiery glory. The ivy is burning red along the fence. The roses are having their last hurrah before the frost touches their blossoms, telling them it's time for bed. And I enjoy the in between. Knowing what is coming; savoring what is now. Eating mashed potatoes and gravy. Baking bread. Life can be good. That must be it.