Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Saturday, November 13, 2010


For this.
We awoke this morning to heavy, wet snow. And it is still snowing at quite a pace. We should not be unprepared, we live in Minnesota. And it was predicted.

But yesterday was spent working hard in the barn and not thinking about the impending storm.

I am feeling better, but wouldn't you know ~ I slipped on the back deck this morning, did the splits as I landed on my knees and heard a tearing sound at my right knee. Getting old is hell. I have a heat patch and a standing wrap (horse equipment) wrapping my knee. The day will be spent in the recliner, I believe.

Other than that, life is okay. I always enjoy the first snowfall. I think it is one of nature's beautiful sights. I think this for a day or two. Then it becomes god's forsaken frozen land. But the first, it's beautiful.

So, it is painful sitting here and I hear the recliner calling my name. Really, I did not need to wreck my knee to spend the day in a chair.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If You Have The Time

spend some of it reading this article.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Third

We are watching the unraveling of a nation.

My heart is so heavy this morning I want to burst into tears. It is hard for me to understand how America became this thing that it is. How did we, as a people, become so cruel, harsh and mind numbingly ignorant? How did we become the people, who in two short years decide to put the very people who got us into this trouble in the first place, back into power?  Let us see what happens as these self-professed budget hawks push extended tax cuts for the mega rich, adding to the great black hole of the deficit they profess so much concern about. Let us watch as they continue to support the largest, wealthiest multi-national corporations off-shoring their corporate headquarters to post office boxes in the Caymans, freeing them from paying any federal income taxes as they continue to put their hands out for federal subsidies. Let us watch as the Democratic Senate and President cave in on almost everything. Let us get used to high unemployment and low wages. We have a new normal.

So as the rest of the world moves forward, we will go backward. We will doggedly hang onto our myth of rugged individualism. We will continue to talk about our freedom, our Constitution, our uniqueness. And we will continue down the path we have been following for thirty years. The path which has led us to joblessness, poverty, insecurity, debt, fear. We will continue in our blind belief that the titians of industry and finance, the masters of the universe will allow us to grab hold of their coattails. We will continue to believe in a free market driven economy. We will continue to believe the mantra that all taxation is bad. We will continue to believe that cutting costs, cutting government, privatizing everything, is in the best interest of the people. And as the weight of this belief bears down on us, as it crushes our lives, we will continue to look at the other, the people who are not 'us' and bring all of the forces of our fears and frustrations down upon them.

It is my opinion we have cooked our own goose.

God help America.