Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, November 30, 2023

It's in the Details

I think this is the best turkey stock I have ever made.

I ordered and received, yesterday afternoon, a new pepper grinder. The pepper was not grinding. That's some large bits of pepper in there. I did get some things done and sorted yesterday as I hoped. Yay, me!

This also arrived yesterday, part of my Costco order.

Why paying attention to the details matters. 4 lb 4 oz! I've always purchased Kalamatas from Costco and they came in a large jar, a reasonable large jar. I haven't been able to get them, nor my favorite, Castelvetrano, from Costco for a couple of years. When I saw this, I just clicked it, not looking any further. I do think olives are going to be on the menu often. 


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hopeful Thinking

A brief how-do-you-do today. I'm planning to make this a semi-productive day. Dishwasher is running and soup for lunch is simmering. My office badly needs my attention, it has been, for all the years I've lived here, a repository for, I guess, junk. So, that's on the radar. I'm going to make a turkey pot pie, minus the bottom crust, because I'm using puff pastry, for tonight's dinner. I can use the leftover gravy. I should be done with turkey after this.

You know how it's often said people look like their dogs? Me greeting the day ahead with hope of productivity.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Stock and Other Things

Minnesota has decided to stop toying with us. It's 8 F at the moment. We had a high of 12 F yesterday. Back to reality for a few days. I made turkey stock yesterday, resulting in three 64 oz containers. Two for the freezer, one to use now. 

A photo I received a couple of days ago of Matthew and his Homer. He does love his doggo. This little stray won the lottery. 

Speaking of lottery winners....this orange dervish loves loves loves boxes. There is always a fresh supply.

That's all the news. Life limps along. Go with it or be left behind. My sage advice.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

All Quiet on my Front

Gatto enjoys his life as a model.

Frieda enjoys her life as a comfort seeker.

I enjoy my life as a fire gazer.

Yesterday was cold with a light snow later in the day. I spent the afternoon in front of the fire listening to a book. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon. Today is Mark's birthday. He wanted lasagna but I said not this time. My body is pooped, so it will be something simple but flavorful. That's the hope, anyway.


Friday, November 24, 2023

Alive and Well

I am back!

We got through turkey day just fine. It was a good day, everyone, even me, was relaxed. I haven't turned my computer on in days. I had the energy and the physical ability (sort of) to get what I wanted done....done. I couldn't allow myself distraction because I distract easily and that would have broken the spell. Accomplishment is an elixir.

I have turkey noodle soup simmering for lunch and I have most of yesterday's mess cleared away, so life is moving along well enough.

I will visit everyone later in the day and catch up on what has been happening. It feels like forever since I was here.

Leaving you with a photo of Gatto. Because no one can have too much Gatto.

Friday, November 17, 2023

Job Well Done

Baby Zing

 He was orphaned at birth. He's quite the character.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent trimming the hedge, a couple of bushes in front of the veranda and cutting the old rambling roses back. I used to grow roses, mostly antique roses. All that is left are those enormous red beauties. Thursday I enlisted Mark's help as I was sore from the day before. He is so much faster than I am. It is a very good feeling to have this done. I spent the late afternoon in happy soreness from a job well done. Now I start preparing for Thanksgiving. I haven't had company on a holiday since 2018. I'm out of practice.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Fretting Over Frieda

Yesterday was busy. It started with a vet visit for Frieda. I noticed she was constantly in her litter box squatting but nothing was happening. She has a urinary tract infection, perhaps kidney stones and another perhaps...kidney problems. We decided to wait on the expensive blood work until she finishes the antibiotic for her infection. No sense in looking further until then. As of yet, she won't eat the prescribed food. The other two think it's grand. There is nothing like a wallet emptying vet visit to start the day.

Mid afternoon I decided to mow. The mower had gone back to Bill a couple of months ago, something wrong with the mower deck. Then Bill was told he needed surgery on his eyes to release pressure from glaucoma, so he didn't work on it. To my surprise he brought it back a few days ago. So, although windy and overcast, I decided to mow. The place was really shaggy, it's so much better now. Today I plan to trim the bushes forming a hedge along the east end of the house. They are also a mess. My property may not look abandoned anymore! This extended fall weather is a real bonus.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Cat Tales (Tails?)

Crabby Tabby spent some afternoon time in the house. Gatto did his best impression of Yoda.

Tabs reemerged in the evening.

Gatto was on duty.

It won't be long before Tabby spends much of his day in the house again He hisses and growls at Gatto, but it's not too serious. That family of cats is pretty laid back. Gatto is a stalker.

It's sunny and more mild today. Mark has outside plans. I have inside plans. His will be accomplished, mine is yet undetermined. 

Saturday, November 11, 2023

In Memory of All

As it is Veterans Day

 My young, rakish Father

Friday, November 10, 2023

Not Much

Good Morning

We have another chilly, dreary day. I got my flu shot and Covid booster yesterday. My arm is a little sore, but that's it. There wasn't a second appointment available so Mark is scheduled for the 15th.

I received a text from my son saying he is coming here for Thanksgiving. I was surprised. We placed an order for a local free range turkey we buy for Thanksgiving, when we used to host it. We were planning on a day alone and Cornish hens. Perhaps he needs a break from the grief of his in-laws. I have not hosted a holiday since 2018, I'm not sure I remember how. I must remember to send home pickles and vegetable stock (his wife is vegan) with him. She likes the fermented pickles.

So, now I have something happening, I may actually find some motivation and gets things done. It's easy to slide when not a thing is happening. How odd that I was was so busy I couldn't see straight and now I have no claims on my time. The unpredictability of life.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Pleasantly Quiet

I have no boundaries regarding Gatto's privacy.

A few days ago I made a pork sirloin roast. It was not good. Dry and then raw in the middle. Last evening I salvaged it by simmering the sliced roast in chicken stock for a couple of hours, then turning the stock into gravy. Nice and tender. I have no idea what was going on while it roasted, but it was an odd combination of dry and raw! That this was the most interesting part of the day says I'm either boring or lucky. I may say both. Eggplant Involtini  is on the menu tonight. The last of them from the garden.

I had a nice messaging chat with a man I have known from MyFitnessPal for years. He lives in North Norfolk, England. Out of the blue he just sent me a message asking how I am doing. He is a pleasant person around sixty with a wife and grown children. He is very well liked on MFP. He got a geography lesson pertaining to Minnesota. He said, so up and to the left of New York? That's one way of putting it! I have been an on-and-off user of MFP for about twelve years. 

So, other than the usual Monday laundry, that was my day. It's been overcast but mild. Mark has finished the office work he needed to do and is concentrating on necessary tasks outside. I will be finishing the little bit of winterizing I have left inside. And, of course, I will be herding cats.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Lovely Frieda

My Frieda Kitty

We were meant for one another. The look she generally carries on her little face is the same look I had on mine most of the time, when I had to deal with people who annoyed me. She can give Gatto what-for, let me tell you. I kinda love this little monster.

Life is stumbling along. The weather is temperate, allowing Mark to get things badly needing doing outside done. He's learning, albeit late in life, to not fuss over what cannot be finished. If it can't, it can't. I know, deep.

I have catch-up myself after a few days of doing nothing. When that happens I do get a glimpse of my continued value in our life. Chief cook and bottle washer does have its' place. That's my story, anyway. 

Saturday, November 4, 2023

My Models

Study of Cats Sleeping on Unmade Bed

This is where I spent a couple of days.

I had a horrible headache and nausea. I was better yesterday, but not well. At least I was able to stay out of bed. Today I feel almost normal, whatever that is. So... I'm back.