Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Wednesday, April 24, 2024


A new kitty.

This fine looking fellow attached himself to my son's wife in the past few days and hung out at the door of their house. They brought him in a couple of days ago, took him to the vet yesterday. He is about 18 months old and has an appointment for the snip snip. The other cat, Twinkles, has been lonely since Murphy died and as you can see, both cats are chill. That cannot be said for Homer. Matthew says he  is in high alert mode, he knows another cat has invaded his territory. Homer is too aggressive to be in the same space as the cats so they live upstairs and have the roam of the house at night. He is a pretty fellow.

There is a stray orange tabby I am feeding. He was skinny but is looking good now. He doesn't want anything to do with me, but he is fed and has access to shelter. So many cats out there.

Tomorrow will be my first practice drive. I placed a pick-up order at Aldi and I have a prescription to collect, so that will be my mission. Mark will come with me. How weird that this is a bit frightening for me. I have been driving since I was 16 and most of that driving was in a city environment. Now, jello legs.

It's another nice day. I accomplished some things yesterday and plan to continue today. Tomorrow afternoon is set aside for some lawn mowing. So exciting!

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Working Hard. Mark, That Is

Good Morning

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, sunshine and mild temperature. Perfect for the outdoor labor Mark is doing. Finally removing the falling down outdoor arena fence. Yippee!! I can hardly believe it.

On other news......really, there is no other news. Life is stumbling along, I am still doing well. My big plan for the day is to tackle the broom closet. How does something like that become such a mess? Because a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its-place has not been happening. Mystery solved.

I am going to start practice driving. Because of the very limited mobility I've had for three years I have not driven a vehicle. At all. I needed to be dropped off at the door for appointments, which is about the only places I went, because I wasn't able to walk from a lot to the building. It is time to regain independence. Also, Mark has a procedure in the middle of May that will entail my driving him home. On a freeway. The things which happen to us that we would not think would. That's poor sentence structure!

I will leave you with last evenings dinner. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the sweetest.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Ups Downs and All Arounds

Bouncing into a new week.

Yesterday Neighbor Bill showed up. We haven't seen him at all this winter. I spent about an hour in conversation with him, ranging all sorts of topics, although he wants to spend more time on the state of our Union than I do these days. I think besides us, he is the only non-trumper in the area. He hasn't been feeling all that well lately. He did comment that it looks like I feel better. I told him in this case looks are not deceiving.

My grand plans for starting some organizing went by the wayside yesterday, for no reason other than I didn't do it. I know once I start it will be rewarding, it's the starting I am having trouble with. I think too much time where I couldn't do much, no matter if I wanted to or not, has normalized doing nothing. I'll see what today brings.

It's a lovely day. Sunshine and a high of 60 F/16 C. We are coming into a warming period. Mark is planning to spend the day lopping saplings. We live in a softwood woodland, which means the trees sprout up overnight. Half a lifetime is spent beating them back. Our changing climate does seem to have accelerated the sprouting.

That's all I got. One more cup of coffee and then a conversation with myself about moving myself into action. Ciao.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

You Know, Stuff

The sum total of my day.

Pretty much. It was dreary and chilly yesterday and it's the same today. I think spring may be coming next week. Stay tuned. I've been feeling pretty good. The Celebrex has been a godsend for me. I'm feeling really quite hopeful. It was nice to have a quiet day because I felt like it as opposed to because I am in pain. Score one for me!

Now that I can do more I'm going to try implementing, slowly, my longtime habits which went far by the wayside for four years. One of those years not because of pain, but because my mother had died. I had the job of going through and clearing out sixty-two years of life in the house. It took eight months. Don't do that to your kids. I'm talking mostly to myself. I am an orderly person. My friend, who is a psychiatric nurse, has told me he believes my need for control (order) is due to my abusive mother and the unpredictable life I had with her behavior. I believe he is right about this. I'm feeling good, so far this morning, and think I will start with the most un-orderly parts of the house and move onward from there. That's the plan anyway. In the meantime I will do some blog reading whilst I have my coffee.

Thursday, April 18, 2024


A little something to brighten the day.


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

It's His Birthday

This guy, my only child, turns fifty today!

No one would put it together that he is my son. He looks absolutely nothing like me. He's tall and has a bulky frame. I'm short and small framed. He is built and looks like his bio-dad's family. Only his personality reflects who his mother is. He does have an opinion on everything! Fifty years, wow.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Life is a Crapshoot


I was knocked off my feet yesterday by some news, old news to all but me, that the man I was going to marry in the late '70s, but did not for various reasons, died in a motorcycle accident five years ago. I haven't known anything about his life since about 1982, when a mutual friend told me he had married. I had been pleased for him, he did want to be married and have children, which he did have. And grandchildren. This wasn't going to happen with me. I felt so sad. For his family and for the memory of someone I once loved. Long ago. I did feel there was some reason why Staying Alive was playing in my head when I woke yesterday. 

Monday, April 15, 2024

Staying Alive

I awoke this morning with this song playing in my head. Omen?

Don't laugh, but I loved the disco era. Believe it or not I could be quite flamboyant in my youth! It was fun, you could dance your heart out and be part of what everyone else was doing. I loved dancing. I still dance in my house, but I look like those old ladies you see in memes. 

I saw this clip and thought "If this isn't the image of cool, what is?" I love dancing, yeah. Sorry, I've got Bee Gees on the brain. Anyway...I loved to dance but I never had these moves. Stay alive. Stay cool.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

It's going to be unseasonably warm today, a high of 80F/27C. The kitchen doors will be open, one to the screened porch, which makes the kitties very happy. Happy kitties, happy two-leggers.

This is the result of a 20 hour ferment of whole grain bread dough.

                                              Spelt                       Light Caraway Rye

I'm really pleased with it, lots of air in the crumb, especially for spelt. I bake the loaves in a dutch oven at high temperature for about 35 minutes. Mark tells me he doesn't like rye bread, he has said this for years. I make rye bread and don't tell him it's rye. He always says "this is good". Sneaky. When my son was small he loved tomato soup and clam soup.The reason he loved them is I called them red soup and white soup. I may have been born sneaky.

Friday, April 12, 2024

A Photo Says it All

Miss Havisham comes to mind.

Yes, I have no shame.
This morning while in the kitchen I happened to look up. The sun was shining and something became quite visible to me. I'm not showing this photo simply to point out the chandelier needs some attention. Seeing this brings home how many different ways one is affected by aging. What once was just another task becomes something akin to climbing Everest. Now I'm writing like a Dickens character. A very few short years ago it would not have looked like this. Ah, well....I will get it done. On a side - I bought this chandelier in an antique shop in the '70s. My father wired it and it's been in use since, moving from home to home with me. It's not showing in the photo, but its crystals twinkle even when dirty. I don't do fussy but this light fixture caught my eye and kept it.

I have been doing the overnight fermenting method with bread dough lately. I've done it on and off but am wired inpatient, so I did not like to wait. I've changed my mind. A world of difference in the crumb. Earlier in the week I made a light caraway rye, so good. I mixed dough yesterday for a spelt loaf. It will be formed, proof, and then be in the oven this afternoon. The whole grains make a dense bread, a long ferment opens the texture. I'm anxious to see how this one comes out. 

Yep, Miss Havisham meets Bread Woman.