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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

I'm a Medical Mystery Tour

It was COLD yesterday. It's still cold today, -9 F, but Monday was brittle. I didn't have much wood in the box and didn't want Mark hauling in wood in the brutal cold so I pulled my chair over to the pellet stove and spent the evening there. That was warm. Mark brought a dining chair over and we sat by that fire. It felt rustic. Even though it's a modern piece of equipment.

I had a video consult Monday afternoon with my new primary, a Nurse Practitioner. She has the lovely lilting accent of the Caribbean. I like her. She said I am a medical mystery, that all the labs show me to be in excellent health. Then she said, we are not treating labs, we are treating a person. I felt a surge of love for this woman. She is going to order an x-ray of my lungs and also ask for an endocrinology consult. The other primary refused to refer me to endo. I have hope.

I made the best ribs and roasted potatoes last evening. Maybe it seemed better than usual because I had a more positive attitude, but that was sure a good meal! Tonight I think I'll make pizza. If someone actually listening to me makes me feel this positive, look out if something is done for me. Oh, Baby!

That's the news. I didn't get my laundry finished yesterday so it moves over into today. I'm listening to Stephen King's recent book, Billy Summers. I like Stephen King. I remember the first book I read by him, Salems Lot. I was living in an apartment with my toddler and it scared the bejesus out of me! I have continued reading his books through the years. I have another book that came available after a several months wait, If God Was A Rabbit, by Sarah Winman. I've read several of her books and like her writing. It's a little tidying and such this morning and an afternoon with a book. Not bad. 


Far Side of Fifty said...

I read Billy Summers and really enjoyed it:) Stay warm! Glad you found a new good dr!

Lori Skoog said...

Sounds like you and your new nurse practitioner are a good fit. Such an upper.

Sandra said...

I've only started the book yesterday, Far Side, but I like it so far.

I know it's cold up there in NW MN. I hope you are staying inside.

Sandra said...

Let's hope so, Lori. I would love to feel whole again. Or to know why I don't.

Boud said...

Thank goodness for a practitioner who sees a person, not a walking test result! I'm hopeful. And I am very pleased that she's thinking endo. This is starting to look better.

Sandra said...

I hope so, Boud. I did like her.

Val Ewing said...

I love the way she put that. I know that tests sometimes are referred to more than the issues that the person is feeling.

I'm reading a book today and hanging out inside mostly.

Sandra said...


It's the kind of weather that is made for staying inside with a book, Val. And a cuddle up with Charlie.

Anonymous said...

I like your NP! It brought tears when I read "we are not treating labs, we are treating a person ." May your journey bring answers.
It was -9 this morning where I live.
Take Care,

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yeah in finding. New medical professional and one who apparently is listening to the person, you😀nurse practitioners are the best. Ever since we moved from our native NJ, we have only seen a nurse practitioner, first in VA and now in NH, both females. We have found them to be more patient, caring and willing to spend time to explain things. Your new one sounds much the same.

And, yes, it does seem like your cooking reflects a positive attitude. Those meals sound good just in reading.

Brrr on your continuing frigid temps. Here in Nashua, NH, we will have a dose by the end of the week and then next week, temps warm to the 40s.

Stay warm and cozy.

Sandra said...

Kaye, I had a warmth in my chest when she said that. It put me in a good mood all day!

I just looked, we are currently -2. Next week is supposed to be better. Hopefully for you, too.

Sandra said...

Thank you, Beatrice. My husband sees a NP and things she hung the moon! People have encouraged me to go that route and I listened!

Next week will warm up. It's been frigid!

Pixie said...

I'm so glad that you found someone who listens to you.

I liked that book of Sarah Winman, I also liked "Still Life". She's a weird writer and I like that about her.

Sandra said...

Pixie, at least she's setting things in motion. The only motion was me feeling like I was on a hamster wheel.

I read "Still Life". Also "A Year of Marvellous Ways" and "Tin Man". She is unique and why I like her books, too.

Anonymous said...

I think I Love your NP too! What a profound statement she made... Dawn the Bohemian

Sandra said...

Dawn, right? It shouldn’t be unusual but it sure is.