Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Saturday, November 13, 2021


She looks innocent, even rather sweet, doesn't she? My mother, Kathleen Marie, died last year peacefully in her sleep. Kathleen had a personality disorder, sociopathy. She was anything but innocent and sweet. At the end I had finally cut off contact with her eight months prior to her death, although I had my husband call her daily because she had two dogs and a cat and I didn't want them left in the house for a prolonged period if she died. My only sibling, a younger brother, left the family 27 years prior, in the end I realize he did the right thing. Society doesn't accept a child "turning" on a parent, so even I saw it as wrongful for a longtime. It was not, it is the only way to help yourself, they don't care, they can't change. 

After 68 years of her in my life I will never have her out of my head, but I do have her out of my life. This is a very good thing. What I would like to say is, if someone tells you a parent, a sibling or a partner has a personality disorder please listen. You know it exists, we have watched Donald Trump in living color.


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