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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hell Isn't Fire, It's Ice

Yesterday we had high winds and snow. The air temperature was not bad, around 20 degrees, but it started to slide by the afternoon. Mark and I hustled to get the animals in as the wind and snow whipped us like a lash. The beasties were so anxious to get out of that weather, they nearly threw themselves into the halter. My old lady, Sun Spot, had been in one of the sheds overnight with my beautiful mare, Babe, but Spotty has lost weight and needed to come in. I brought her in a couple of days ago and threw Secret out with The Babe, which worked out. But, my Babe is not very smart and Secret is not Spot, so Babe stood outside in the wind and was freezing over. Mark and I had to get wind-whipped as we brought the two mares into the indoor arena for their own protection. Mark had to bring a heated tub in and carry pails of water to fill it and bring them hay. Some horses just would not make it if left to their own devices. 

Today we have an air temperature of 15 below, but it is the windchill that is the killer. We have 40 below zero winds. Remind me again WHY this state got settled. I guess I understand the Swedes and Norwegians that make up a large percentage of the population, but what the heck is the excuse of the pioneers that settled east of the river in Saint Paul. The British, Irish, French & Italians? They had to arrive in the late spring or early fall and thought they found a temperate climate and by the time they realized different, it was too late.

I don't care how long we live here, this type of cold is hell and shouldn't be allowed. There ought to be a rule or law or something that could make this stop. 

Mad Stallion
Topper has been without Ben for a week now. He decided to be mean to Ben, so Ben is gone from Topper's paddock. So now I have an angry stallion. Tough. It's only Dec., so he has no excuses, hormone-wise. A mad stallion makes an interesting photo, though. Especially engulfed in snow.
Geldings Shooting The Breeze
Just a bunch of boys from the hood hanging out in the snow. Ben, on the right, happy to be away from his psychopathic 'friend'. Poor Ben.
Old Silo, Old Barn. New Snow
Blue Spruce and Snow
Spruce Trees and Blowing Snow


Ashley Dumas said...

Truly lovely (from afar : ) I love the snow blowing with the horses and your old barns! I am just glad that I am not out in that freezingness. I can't believe your temperatures and wind chill. Sorry you are suffering through the worst of it.

Stay warm (as possible: )


Sandra said...

As a southerner you have no reference to this type of cold. How lucky you are. But you will hear me whine loudly during the summer. I really can't stand high heat and humidity! As bad as this is, I can get away from it. My barn stays warm, and that is where I spend most of my day. So the rest of it is really miserable, but relatively short in duration, such as getting those idiot mares into the arena. But in the summer, it's just miserable all the time.

People who say 'When hell freezes over" have never lived here, because they'd know it already has.

EveryoneThinksThey'reGoodDrivers said...

lol Sandra - that's the truth! Did you hear about the R & J arena? They had a fire this morning. All the people are okay but that's all I know.

Beautiful pictures, mad stallion, that one is just funny! He looks like a boy throwing a temper tantrum.

Ganeida said...

Um, you can keep it! Yikes. I can't believe you people live in that! No, no, no. That is not sane.

Sandra said...

i did hear about the fire, but all I heard was no one was injured. I hope there weren't any hoses in there.

Topper does mad very well.

Sandra said...

If you spent some time here Ganeida, you would quickly learn none of us are sane.