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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Know, I Know.......

More dogs photos! Firstly, I love my puppies and secondly, I'm kind of busy and don't have time for more involved thought. Cute dogs are easy.
This is what they do most of the day and why I moved the ugly dog sofa to the kitchen. I get to look at them being lazy dogs while I work! The big dog, Atlas, doesn't lay on the dog sofa, he is a floor dog, so I don't get the sleeping/lounging photos of him.

Gracie Greyhound is having a problem, she's losing weight and we don't know why. As a greyhound she doesn't have much to lose. She went to the vet yesterday and hasn't any obvious physical issues, such as tumors or gland problems. Blood was drawn and the results will be available later today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

My Sofa Slug, Howard, is very tired.
He loves those pillows!

He's a lap dog in a 90# body. I didn't want one that got this big, but he decided to be Super Basset!


Ashley Dumas said...

Gracie is so dignified even on a 'dog sofa' :) I hope everything is ok with her and that the problem clears up fast. My first art teacher had a greyhound that had been rescued from the 'tracks' and she was sweetest most demure and docile dog. She reminded of a tinid deer with her big eyes and impossibly thin legs : )

Howard is a hoot : )

Love the pics, thanks


Sandra said...

Gracie is my third greyhound. I got the first two in the early nineties from the track in Wisconsin. I got Gracie as a puppy, so she never raced.

I have a thing for hounds. My big dog Atlas is an Afghan/German Shepherd cross and I used to have an Afghan Hound in the late seventies. She died at 14 and I went to the greyhounds. Hounds have very independent personalities! I have found the scent hound much more challenging then the sight hound. Howard gets his nose going and he ears completely shut off. : ) He will follow his nose wherever it takes him. He got big and he's like moving a bag of wet cement when he doesn't want to move. Your hands just sink into all that blubby stuff he's made of!

Christy Fritz said...

cute pups. i'm fond of greyhounds too. hoping she is fine:)
howard is so sweet. and great name for a hound.
our sofa slug is a cocker/lab mix of sorts. she, Star, is on the sofa till we get home, i should say...then she is ALL over us. i see her "imprint" on our pillows though.:)


Ganeida said...

We have only ever had the one dog, a dalmation named Christy who was a complete & utter hoot. Given my lifestyle I don't think it's fair to own a dog, we're not fenced & ticks are a real problem round here.

However my cousins owned a basset for years & I think they take the cake for stubborness. They just *plant* & nothing can mve them bar a very large crane! :D

I'd love an Irish wolfhound but it's just not practical. What would I do with it? And they're huge!

Your dogs look like real characters with loads of personality.

Sandra said...

Basset and stubborn are synonymous. : )

A cocker lab mix would be very cute, I think.

Gracie is sick. We are referred to a clinic that can do tests on bone marrow and do an ultrasound of her spleen. The two guesses from the blood work from the referring vet.

Britwife said...

Fingers and toes crossed for Gracie's health.
Holy moly. I didn't realize that bassets could get so big! How adorable.

Sandra said...

Not nice. normal bassets. But I got Super Basset! It is concerning that this is happening to Grace. She's only 5 and should be healthy. : (

JeanRDH said...

I enjoyed your dog pictures. Sorry to hear that Gracie is sick. Best wishes with her diagnosis and treatment.

Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

Thanks Aileen. I hope to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

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