Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Memories

This a little less esoteric. My son, as a 7 year-old, had to write a poem for school. He was in what was at that time called The Talented and Gifted Program. Yes, I was cursed with a child who has a very large brain. Anyway, he brings his little ditty home to me, so proud of his work. It went as thus "My mother is so very thin, it's cause she drinks a lot of gin." Needless to say, parent/teacher conference was a little uncomfortable!


JeanRDH said...

That is hilarious!
Was it true?

Christy Fritz said...

there is a reason i keep mine home!
hehe- i can imagine caleb doing something like that for sure. that is hysterical.
i once had a kindergartener in my class ask during prayer time, that we pray for his mom since she was going to have a "boob" job. for real. that was one of the funniest and most awkward moments of my teaching career!...:)
kids are great!

Sandra said...

Is it true....I think it depends on whether you were 7 or 30! I enjoyed, and still do, a G & T on a hot day and I do like a dry martini on occasion. : )

As Christie says, what comes out of their mouths can never be predicted and they see things from their perspective, from down there in the short zone!

I imagine Christie that was probably one of the strangest things you have been asked to pray for. : )