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Friday, December 12, 2008

Have You Ever Seen A Sofa Slug?

This is a classic example of the genus Sofus Slugis.  They are elusive, but if you creep up quietly, you may catch a glimpse.


Britwife said...

I don't have any sofa slugs - but I do own a couple of couch potatoes!

Britwife said...

Oh heck. I guess you'll have to cut and paste that link, because it didn't work like it should've.
P.S. Your slug is adorable!! :)

Ganeida said...

These make exceptional slugis but are no competition for a cat melting in the heat. ;P

Sandra said...

I saw your dogs spread all over you. Sofis Slugis would break my body if he did that!

Your cat could get lost in his folds. : )

This is the dog sofa. It made its way into the kitchen in the fall, so I get to watch them sprawl while I toil. Lucky me.

Britwife said...

The link was from back in October when they were sprawled on the chair (the puppy has a weird way of laying across the top of the chair...)
My Heidi (Roo) weighs 84 lbs. She only thinks she's a lap dog. She does crush me, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. My sister babysat her (we call it the "spa") when we were in Florida and the Roo took over all of her furniture and crushed her too (my sister doesn't weigh much more than the dog).
Sofis Slugis - is that his Latin name?
I wouldn't get anything done if I had to watch the dogs lounge all day. I'd have to curl up with them.
Oh, by the way, can we come over for supper tonight? THere are only 6 of us.

Sandra said...

He's also known as Dopeis Ropeis. : ) And sometimes just Howard.

If you came for dinner, someone would have to sit with the dogs on their sofa, which means the dogs would enjoy your food!

I'll go back and look at the photos, I think your Boxers are too cute.

Hillsidefarm said...

Be NICE to Howard!

Sandra said...

I have no choice, he's my little bundle of cuteness, as well as a sofa slug. And I might add, a bed hog!