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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Okay, I see it's Thursday again and I'm supposed to be thankful. I decided to do this because I tend to have a curmudgeonly personality. So, this forces me (I need to be forced!) to reflect on what is good in my life. Sometimes I struggle. Again, I'm always happy to hear what others are thankful for, it helps me to realize the sky hasn't necessarily fallen (yet).

1. I'm thankful for propane in the tank, really thankful!

2. I'm thankful for my wonderful old barn and its ability to stay above freezing no matter how cold it gets outside.

3. I'm thankful for stock tank heaters and heated water buckets, although not so thankful for the utility bill I get as a result.

4. I'm thankful my diesel truck starts in subzero temperatures.

5. I'm thankful I don't need to be out on the road during rush hour when we have snow and ice.


Ganeida said...

You know I never could understand why you guys began Christmas so early but I get it now. Leave it too late & everyone's snowbound! lol. Yikes. If I lived in your climate I'd be doing my Christmas shopping in June!

Sandra said...

You're probably right!

Ashley Dumas said...

Goodness Sandra,

That kind of weather is too much. You have to think about the car starting the icy roads the barn not freezing the house not freezing. Hope you make it through this COLD weather! I am taking the girls to the pool today : )

Keep warm,


Sandra said...

Ah Ashley, that's cruel. : )

Britwife said...

I'm posting on Friday - so it's Thankful Friday for me.
I'm thankful that I don't have to leave the house today. Or tomorrow. I want to be a hermit now, after the week I've had.
I think I am really angry at Ashley. It's downright cruel to mention "pool" while we have below zero temps! :)

Sandra said...

Ashley lives in a tropical paradise and we live in a frozen mess. Doesn't quite seem fair, does it.