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Friday, December 26, 2008

Reality Bites

It's back to the real world for me today. Life in a cocoon was so pleasant, but the barn doesn't take care of itself and Mark has work to do that does not involve my horses. Deb is enjoying a couple of days off, so it's all me.

It was nice to play Lady of the Manor for a day, drinking bubbly from a crystal flute, wine from Waterford and eating souffle. But the truth is, I'm more closely related to the Worker in the Barn! And, if the truth is told, I would quickly tire of the leisure, but I sure enjoy it when it presents itself.

So, back to work.


Jean L. said...

I have always said that our jobs are somewhat different from many others. When we indulge in a day off we pay the price when we get back on schedule. If we could learn how to "cork" the horses.....OK then we would have colic vet bills. Can you tell I am passing time when I should be back outside with my wheelbarrow and fork?

Sandra said...

So, you're doing the same as I am! It takes a little to ease back in, so we don't over do it. : )

I find the contrast of my Christmas photos to today's photos striking, but I live the life so it's pertinent to me. So, tell me again, why choose this life? : ) :) Oh, I remember, 'cause we're bossy and like things our way and like to control large animals and think we are in charge of our own lives. Maybe CEO of a corporation would have been a better choice. But it seems they are proving themselves incompetent, so that wouldn't work, because we ARE competent! Whew, got that out of my system.

Ganeida said...

We're luckier out here. Christmas is at the beginning of our long summer break. Ditz isn't either singing or schooling. Flute & violin are on hold. I only really have the boys for 4 days though we will be comming & going visiting rellies & stuff all through Jan. Still it is a break from the usual madness. I don't ever get sanity, just a change in madnesses.

Sandra said...

"I don't ever get sanity, just a change in madnesses."

I love this! This may become one of my quotes.

Ganeida said...

lol. You're welcome. :)

dressage rider said...

I am enjoying the wonderful photos. My special favorite, Topper, is so handsome!
Brr - I can relate to the cold. I treasure my clunky warm barn boots more than any other footwear right now. We have so much freezing rain here that I have resigned myself to indoor turnout for the horses. The icy footing around here is why I started removing the empty stalls in my barn. Still have one side to go and am waiting on the elctrician and a break in the weather. Probably won't see either one until March!
Cassidy and his gal pal Brooke are shaggy and enjoy taking turns romping around inside the indoor area when it is too rough outside. Notice I call it an indoor a-r-e-a not a-r-e-n-a, as it is more appropriate!

Sandra said...

Ganeida, I think you will be good for a few quotes! You are very funny.

d.r., I hate ice more than anything. We have had a climate change over the past few years and we get more of it than we used to. Today reached nearly 40 and it's melting. It won't stay warm, so now we will have ice. It's terrible. I've had winters where I didn't know what to do. I feel your pain.

I love Topper, he is my ideal and he stops my breath every day. If you saw him in person, you wouldn't believe a horse could be so beautiful. But I have a bias! Good looks do run in the family. Topper does not get shaggy though. Smooth as polished wood. Zing doesn't fuzz up a lot, but he gets something and the ASB furs up a lot. But MR. Refinement is smooth all year. I cannot blanket him, he won't have it. He refuses to move if he has a blanket on. He knows he's so hot he creates his own heat!

JeanRDH said...

"...wine from Waterford..."
chuckle: we've sipped Malbec from Argentina, but don't know appellation Waterford?!
That's the second time today that I've read something 'not as intended' and made me smile.
Seriously, it's great to have the mix of lifestyles eh?
Enjoy the aroma of each...
I like Ganieda's quote, too.

Sandra said...

You are in rare form!

Susan said...

Love the photo.

Sandra said...

I bought new boots! Reality still bites.