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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Photographic Chronicle, Or Why Mark Has To Wait Before We Eat

Because I Washed It!
I bought this is 1978 in an antique shop. I had it wired and have taken it with me everywhere I have gone. It is very beautiful and a big pain in my butt.

My Elderly Father
I can't post my mother because the photos I got are not good and I would be mad if I were her if they got put online.
Howard Loves The Wood Stove
Christmas Day Lunch
Romaine Souffle
Cava Brut
Fruit With Cream
Christmas Dinner
I am getting better with the camera, but I still have problems. The foreground is out of focus and the background is in focus. I'll get it right someday. Lessons would help. It was good anyway!


Ganeida said...

Looks good...And that chandelier is fantastic!

Ashley Dumas said...

Wow is that a giant stone hearth? It looks lovely! Your Chandelier is also so beautiful as well. I think it is kind of you to not post unflattering photos. I am not very photogenic so I understand how no photo is often better than a bad one! : ) One of my favorite desserts of all time is Berries and Cream it reminds me so much of my Dad. This is one of his favorites too.

Hmmm...Romanian Souffle? Sounds interesting!

Thanks for the pics...!

p.s. Howard is a big pillow with legs, but you knew that : )

Sandra said...

Thanks Ganeida. One of those finds that you treasure throughout your life, but it is a pain to clean, so it usually isn't clean. I needed to take a picture to remember what it looks like!

Ashley, the man we bought from had spent a lot of time in the Cascades in a lodge. He took the old farm house on this property and turned it into a lodge. Two stone fireplaces, with one of them HUGE. There is a lot of stonework and wood. The house is not large, at least not by todays standard, but it is unusual. : ) Yet, from outside it looks like a New England house! I guess he wanted the outside to blend with the Pennsylvania Dutch barn. There is a large amount of people of Dutch heritage in the immediate community and we have a Dutch Barn!

It's a Romaine souffle, made with romaine lettuce. I felt a little silly setting up the food to photograph, but the opportunity was there and I did enjoy making Mark wait a minute and actually LOOK at the food. : )

Sandra said...

BTW, I like the image of Howard as a pillow with legs!

Britwife said...
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Britwife said...

Ok, I posted that we had ham for supper too. What is your lovely cut of meat? It looks wonderful! Actually, all of your photos look wonderful - I'm loving the chandelier!

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

I evened it up, I removed my post asking what happened! That's what I get for sitting at the computer instead of working!

I bought a half ham, smoked shank skinless bone-in. It was one of the better hams I've had in a long time.

Thanks, I do like the chandelier, just not cleaning it. It's simple enough not to be gauche, but ornate enough to sparkle.

Hope you had a great holiday.